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On 2/18/13 Galen and Kathy were driving. Galen began to feel faint and after pulling over to the side of the road, he had a seizure. He was diagnosed with an egg-sized glioblastoma in his head. Pathology for his head came back as a glioblastoma Stage IV. There is no cure. He will begin chemotherapy and radiation to try keep it in check. Kathy, Galen, family and friends are now realizing how short 9-12 months is and we are hoping for a miracle.

Kathy and Galen need our support. We can help by joining "Galen's Gang" and purchasing Survival Straps. A portion of the purchase price will be donated to Galen's Fund at Wells Fargo Bank in Buffalo, MN.

Galen is preparing for the fight of his life and literally will be wearing his suit of armor as he goes into battle. Today is guaranteed. Each day that follows will be a bonus.

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