Fenix PD35 Flashlight Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

The Fenix PD35 TAC is very identical to the PD32. It’s a tiny, compact, high-intensity flashlight. It shows off five brightness levels (8, 60, 200, 500, and 1,00 lumen) as well as a strobe and private SOS purpose by clasping and carrying the side switch. The light is fuelled by two 3v CR123A lithium batteries … Read more

Fenix Hm50r Headlamp Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

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Fallkniven PC Folding Knife Review – Guide, Advice & More

Folding knives are essential for survival gear. They are safe and fulfill their purpose. These knives can help you in various survival situations. We have reviewed the Fallkniven PC folding knife below. Fallkniven PC Folding Knife Review The Fallkniven PC is a contemporary folding knife, with some prime details. Undoubtedly, there is not a tintack so you … Read more

Fallkniven Kk Knife Fixed Blade Review – Full Guide, Advice and More

With the mood of modernizing creative layouts from the yore, the inferred folks at Fallkniven Knives in Sweden give what is practically a restricted blade knife mainly manufactured for purse carry. Although it does not sound extreme, the theory of holding up an FBPK or overhauled blade pocket knife does need a difference in carrying … Read more

CRKT Redemption Knife Review – Complete Overview, Tips and More

If you aren’t aware of this, then here is an opportunity to be informed – not all knives are built for the same tasks. Sometimes, you will find a set perfect for slicing and cutting; at other times, there are those great for chopping and slashing. Before you choose a survival knife, ensure it is … Read more

Craft Holsters Review – In-Depth Analysis, FAQs & More

You don’t find anyone carrying a gun without a proper shield; there is always something to protect against forceful discharge. Holsters were made to carry a handgun or any firearm, and it would surprise you how effective they are. Most of the best holsters known are made of leather materials; however, other consequential things make … Read more

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review – Complete Overview, Tips & More

An outdoor enthusiast or a survivalist always knows the importance of a backpack. As inconsequential as it may look, it is necessary to have, an exciting outdoor experience. It makes an adventure less stressful in certain cases, especially when you have to deal with packing other survival gear. There are different types of backpacks; however, … Read more