Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Survivalist prepper food freeze-drying

Overview People have preferred to select Mountain House as their favored product of freeze-dried food for an epic journey, disaster readiness, and sustainability for almost 50 years. Mountain House Freed Dried Foods provides an impressive collection of freeze-dried prepared meals that, due to the recipes employed during the meal production process, taste preferable to competing … Read more

Craft Holsters Review

Overview You don’t find anyone carrying a gun without a proper shield; there is always something to protect against forceful discharge. Holsters were made to carry a handgun or any firearm, and it would surprise you how effective they are. Most of the best holsters known are made of leather materials; however, other consequential things … Read more

Morakniv Kansbol Review

Overview This unique knife is known as the Kansbol. It manages to merge lightness with strength and toughness; it is a knife that is most appropriate for bushcraft practices such as carving and feathering sticks but also makes an excellent knife for hunting and camping. This has been on demand since late 2016, and there … Read more

Mora Garberg Review

Introduction Survivalists are known for taking proactive steps so they can be fully prepared in any situation. They actively prepare for high-tension situations like natural disasters and global pandemics and prepare for day-to-day problems. If you want to be always prepared, you must acquire basic equipment built to serve different purposes. One of such equipment … Read more

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review

Overview An outdoor enthusiast or a survivalist always knows the importance of a backpack. As inconsequential as it may look, it is necessary to have, for an exciting outdoor experience. It makes an adventure less-stressful in certain cases, especially when you have to deal with packing other survival gears. There are different types of backpacks; … Read more

Cold Steel Srk Review

Elk ridge er a003 folding knife Review Sometimes, you will find survival tools used in the military because of its immense benefits. For instance, paracords are good for many survival purposes; however, military men find it also useful to hold guns and perform heavy-duty tasks. Not to dwell so much on paracords, another relatable option … Read more

Olight S15 Baton Flashlight Review

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Magpul MBUS Pro Iron Sights Review

Overview Your rifles deserve something special for complete functionality, even if it involves you going back to being traditional. Sometimes, it’s not about how old an accessory is but its role in the efficiency of another tool or device that depends on it. That being said, sharpshooters that need good accuracy and an impressive performance … Read more

Benchmade Bugout Knife Review

Overview People always have something they carry with them every day – it could be clothes, work tools, bags, fashion accessories, etc. An EDC can be anything, as long as it will be useful one way or another. Surprisingly, a pocket knife is a good example of an EDC for safety and defense, regardless of … Read more