Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack Review

Overview Survival packing is one of the most challenging things to do because you are confused about things to pack along, and doing that safely, etc. It has never been an easy experience. It doesn’t get better if you don’t have suitable storage to hold these items; thus, the choice of backpack is an essential … Read more

Gray Man Theory: How to Be a Gray Man

Overview The ability to blend in with a crowd and be unnoticeable is an ultimate survival skill. It is called the Gray Man Theory. Literally, it means not drawing attention to yourself, as it allows you to conceal your identity before or during a disaster or emergency. It can come either as good or bad, … Read more

Gransfors bruks outdoor axe review

Overview Gransfors Bruk OUTDOOR AXE is an axe that incorporates a fascinating spectrum of features, comprising a shielding steel collar commonly discerned only on Gransfors Bruk splitting axes. Despite the moderately small head, the additional weight and nice bit of this axe compels it competent of a range of work. Constructed with bushcraft in mind, … Read more

Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet Review

Overview Nothing is more important to a survivalist than his gear because it ultimately determines what happens to him during an adventure. Every survivalist has things significant to them; sometimes, it may vary, but in the real sense, they are all towards the same goal – surviving. These things are called essentials, meaning they are … Read more

Gransfors bruk small forest axe Review

Overview One of the aged of human tools, the axe has been utilized for innumerable millennia as a tool to mould, break and cut wood; and as a weapon to kill and injure animal and human also. Humans have taken off from generating axes out of stone to carving them out of copper, bronze, iron, … Read more

GoTenna Off Grid Device Phone Text Message Review

Overview Social platforms have taken a different turn, as they become one of the largest industries globally. Today, you’ll find two out of three people on several social networks, with different reasons on why they use them. At first, SMS was the order of the day; years later, technology advanced to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, … Read more

Glock 42 Model G42 Review

Overview Sometimes, self-defense requires relying on more than physical skills to survival; you could decide to use weapons depending on the gravity of the situation. At some point, knives were the real deal because it is an important survival tool for performing different tasks. Recently, pistols were introduced for those who cannot handle survival knives … Read more

Gerber Suspension Review

Overview Pocket survival tools are always easy and ready to access, making them more glorified than other tools or items for outdoor purposes. It even gets better if these tools come as a set – a multi-tool; it wouldn’t be so difficult knowing you have several tool options in a single one. Recently, most survivalists … Read more

Skinner HTF Tactical Garment Bag Teotwawki SHTF Review

Introduction Whether you are a survivalist, law enforcement agent, prepper, or outdoor explorer, people would always view you as a threat once they see you with a weapon. Weapons (especially guns) might have become a normal thing in our society; however, people still subconsciously recognize that guns could potentially end their lives. This is why … Read more