Troy Curnow

Troy Curnow

Wear it. Unravel it. Survive it. It’s always exciting to read Survival Stories and see pictures that our customers send in via email ([email protected] or in a good old-fashioned letter. Here’s a story we received yesterday of how our handy, 550 military spec paracord bracelet helped to save Troy Curnow’s hide while he was hiking in Alaska: “I purchased a survival strap for my husband (the wilderness adventurer) while we were living in Colorado. We moved back to Jax, Fl last year, and come to find out you guys were based here all along! That’s besides the point, though, because my husband left in February to work on a Gold Mine in Alaska, and actually had to use his survival strap in a survival situation! Here’s his story: My husband, Troy, and his co-worker/friend, Eric, are Supervisors for a Gold Mine in Alaska. Part of their job is to hike into the wilderness to stake new claims, and test new equipment. Back in April, they had to hike several miles, over mountain ridges and through the Alaskan Wilderness in an attempt to capture a cell signal to bounce back to the camp. There was only 1 pair of modern snowshoes, so they took the antique pair off of the lodge wall for Eric to use. Several miles into their hike, the bottom of Eric’s snow shoes fell apart. Turning around and trying to trudge back through the 4+’ deep snow with out the shoes was NOT an option. Troy knew he had to do something, so he sacrificed his Survival Strap to use, along with branches from the trees, to fix the snow shoes. Because of the paracord, they were able to fashion a makeshift bottom to the shoe, continue their work and complete the hike back to camp!

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How have you used your Survival Straps gear? Send your pictures and stories to [email protected] If you use it, we’ll replace it-for free! How’s that for a lifetime warranty?

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