Ackerman Florida Half Ironman

Beth Ackerman, Florida Half Ironman

Every day at Survival Straps we receive word from a customer or two who has used his or her Survival Straps gear in an emergency! Have you used your Survival Strap recently? Send us your story and some pictures and we’ll send you a replacement strap. Just shoot us an email (, or send us a letter-the long handed way-to 1106 A1A N, Suite 100, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 32082 with your information and we’ll get back to you. Here’s a story from our friend Beth of hows she used her strap during a Half Ironman! T-minus 30 minutes until race time (5am) of the Half Ironman Florida 70.3 we noticed a missing piece of equipment to secure a water bottle to our athlete’s bike.  After searching for possible fixes, the one and only true cure was my survival strap (light duty survival strap with plastic clasp). The survival strap was able to affix the bottle to the bike effectively. The athlete completed a 56 mile bike course without the bottle budging at all and claiming that the survival strap worked better than the normal rubber band mechanism. Thanks for a wonderful product we are looking forward to finding an even more awesome way of using it again! Cheers! Beth Ackerman
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