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#WearableTechnology – What’s all the hoo-ha about?

So what’s all the hoo-ha with wearable technology? Seems like everywhere we turn, there’s advertisements promoting technology that can be worn. Mostly, wearable technology refers to smartwatches and activity trackers. Wear it on your person all day…and night…making technology pervasive by incorporating it into daily life.

Survival Straps® has offered wearable technology for years. This technology is called Active Edge™. While it doesn’t provide you with your location, track your activity, or play catchy tunes, it does provide you with amazing health benefits. Active Edge products utilize the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies into fabrics and other materials. Developed here in America, Active Edge reacts very positively with the human body when worn. Medical experts believe that this innovative technology increases blood flow and oxygen intake resulting in enhanced performance, decreased inflammation and improved sleep.

How is this technology possible? For decades, doctors have prescribed pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) to treat a variety of conditions. In fact, the FDA has approved PEMFT devices to help heal broken bones, heal wounds, and treat pain and tissue swelling. These devices work to reduce pain and inflammation, improve energy and circulation, oxygenate blood/tissue, and improve sleep quality and many other therapeutic benefits. But these benefits have always required the use of a machine. Active Edge products are now enabling consumers to benefit from extremely low frequency treatments, "un-plugged", twenty-four hours a day, simply by wearing our products embedded with our technology.

It’s not snake oil! Clinical trials and thousands of customer testimonials show what a difference Active Edge technology can make. Take a peek at our website,, to read more about our technology including the health benefits, clinical trial results, and customer testimonials.  We’re so sure it will help you, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied.

All Survival Straps® gear can be embedded with this technology simply by selecting the “Add-On” box when ordering or head over the Active Edge™ website and order embedded products directly from there! #WearableTechnology to improve wellness and quality of life.  Hoo-ha!


We’ve been hitting the mark with our Bullet Gear Collection. If you haven’t checked this collection out lately, you definitely should.  For those who love hunting, shooting sports and weaponry, this collection offers edgie designs that are fully customizable to match your style.

  • Over 40 paracord colors (AUTHENTIC 550 test military spec paracord)
  • Genuine leather options
  • Shells available in nickel or brass
  • Caliber size options include 9mm, 40cal, 45cal, .223cal or 12 gauge
  • Add-ons available: Christian Cross and Active Edge Technology

“Why Bullet Gear?” you ask. Our answer, “Why not?” The gear can be worn as a statement piece, tactical gear, or to express your style. As a statement piece, stand up for the second amendment and your right to bear arms. Add a Christian Cross as a statement of your faith. Built with authentic military spec paracord, deploy your gear and use for tactical purposes.  You can count on its durability and strength when you need it most. Oh, and let’s not forget the style! Be a trend setter with these original hand-created pieces.  Onlookers will be envious!

And there’s more! Our Active Edge™ technology is an available option with all our products. This amazing technology is embedded in the materials and will provide the wearer with several great health benefits.  These benefits include decreased pain causing inflammation, a better night’s sleep, and increased performance. Your body will perform at its most optimal level. Looking good and feeling good. It’s a win-win!

Stranded on a Deserted Island

Reviewing the hundreds of Survival Straps® Stories we have received over the past 10 years, we have come to realize how our paracord gear is the must-have item if you were stranded on a deserted island.  Chances are you’re not going to be stranded on a deserted island; however, you may find yourself stuck in an everyday type jam where paracord will come in handy. With so many styles and options, we make it easy to have Survival Straps gear on your body at all times!

We’ve received some pretty scary stories, sharing how our paracord gear was deployed and used in life and death situations. One such incident happened during the tragic New Orleans flooding following Hurricane Katrina. Survival Straps customer deployed her bracelet and used the paracord to tether her dog to her waist while they waded through rushing chest deep water to safety.  Another customer, a heroic firefighter, found himself stuck in the second story of a building engulfed in flames.  He deployed his paracord gear and used it as a rope to climb out the window and escape the fire. And yet another customer saved his best friend who was caught up in a whirlpool. He did this by tying one end of his deployed paracord to a tree and the other to his waist and then swimming out rescuing his comrade. 

Other stories that have been shared include using our paracord as a car top tie down while traveling; a temporary arm sling for an injury sustained while hiking; a tow rope for a broken down snowmobile; to repair a snowshoe while hiking out to a gold mine in Alaska; and so many other instances saving the day! Building our gear with AUTHENTIC 550 test paracord means you can always count on its strength and durability. We recommend always being prepared and never leaving home without your gear.

Some other uses for paracord? Paracord is so versatile and can literally be used hundreds of different ways. The cordage is great for securing items during a storm, hanging a hammock, using in a pulley system, using as a temporary belt or shoestring, repairing a sail, and securing tarps or tents. The inner strands can be used for dental floss, fishing line, and sewing thread. 

With over 40 different paracord available and lots of style and gear options, there is no excuse to not have this must-have paracord on you at all times.  Be prepared for your “deserted island”!

CLIMBING LESSON 101: Always Take Your Survival Straps® Gear!

Rock Climbing is both arduous and exhilarating! Ascending a cliff or boulder can also be dangerous at times. Survival Straps® customer, Phillip T., doesn’t go rock climbing without his Survival Straps® gear and he shares why:

“I was out scrambling in San Diego, CA with some friends. There was a novice in the group who is not very experienced and is new to climbing. We were ascending to the top of a pile of rocks, where we could join the regular trail again and return home. On this ascent, the novice was unable to climb over some of the rocks and became extremely afraid as the ledge we were on was narrow and exposed. I climbed up and used the paracord to set up a small anchor and rope to assist the novice up onto the rock to get them out of danger. Thank you, Survival Straps! We won’t go climbing without your gear!”

Survival Straps® gear is built with AUTHENTIC 550 test military spec paracord.  You can count on it!

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Para Claw™ Gear Is Cutting Edge!

The NEW Para ClawBracelet and Key Fob are built tough and expedition ready! Like to have a pocket knife handy at all times?  Know the value of having 550 paracord with you in case of an emergency? Then this gear is for you!

The bracelet and key fob are brilliant! It’s perfect for the outdoor, nature loving, adventurist. Hunters, hikers, bikers, campers and fisherman, this strap has a Para Claw™closure, featuring a 1.5” hawkbill knife blade, built into our paracord.  When deployed, the paracord becomes the handle of the knife. Ready at all times if the need arises!

The blade, ground from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, has a stealthy Blackstone™finish. It’s integrally molded to a tough nylon guard that keeps the blade locked away securely until the safety is intentionally clicked to get the blade out. Handle grooves and jimping on the thumb ramp ensure a positive grip at all times. 

This beast can be customized as well in the paracord colors of your choosing! Survival Straps® offers over 40 colors and thousands of dual color combinations. Always be prepared when wearing the bracelet or clasping the key fob to your backpack, tackle box, or belt loop.  Word from our customers is this cutting edge gear is a winner and highly recommended!

Giving Back to the Men and Women in Blue!


Our customers never cease to amaze us. This story in particular really touched us given the troubling times our law enforcement is currently facing. We salute you, Benjamin, for giving back to the men and women in blue!

“Several years ago, a friend bought one of your paracord bracelets for me. I never really had the need to use it until last week.

On my drive home from work, I was sideswiped by a driver changing lanes without looking first. Thankfully no one was hurt. However, my driver’s side mirror was dangling from the car. The officer that responded stated that he had nothing to even try to make a repair. I remembered that I had the bracelet in my car. Thankfully I did! I used half of the cord to lash the mirror together and until I can make the needed permanent repair.

Since I still have half of my bracelet left and it is still wearable, I was wondering if you could do me a favor? Instead of replacing mine, could you send one to the officer that responded to the accident call? I believe the men and women of our law enforcement agencies are under appreciated for the jobs they do. I think this would be an appreciated gesture.”  ~ Benjamin S.

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Stop stressing! The Tracker is here!

Did you know? On average, Americans spend about 2.5 days a year searching for their lost things and two-thirds of those people will have to spend money to replace an item. As a nation, we spend $2.7 billion replacing items every year. Yikes!

The NEW Tracker Products by Survival Straps®, paired with a free smartphone app, can alleviate some of the stress felt when you have misplaced your phone, keys, and other items. We have even designed a Child Safety Bracelet to help add a layer of security while you’re out and about with your children, to keep them safe. Survival Straps builds the high tech TrackR Pixel device into our Key Fobs, Gear Tags, and Bracelets. Using AUTHENTIC 550 test military spec paracord (Yes, the REAL DEAL!), Survival Straps provides a product that is strong and withstands the test of time. We offer over 40 different colors of paracord to choose from affording thousands of color combination customizations! Have a favorite sports team or want to show school spirit? We can build your gear in the colors of your choice!

How does it work? Download the free app. We include a start guide with every product. Sync with your TrackrR Pixel. Tap the app on your phone to find your keys. Misplaced your phone? Click the device and your phone will ring, even when it is on silent mode!

  • Loud Ringer - Tap the app to make your TrackR Pixel ring loudly so you can hear where your stuff is hiding.
  • LED Lights - The TrackR Pixel doesn’t just ring, it also lights up so you can find what’s missing in a flash.
  • Map View - With the app running in the background you can tap on the map to see where and when you last had your lost item.
  • Phone Finder/Separation Alert - Press the button on the TrackR Pixel to make your phone ring—even when it’s on silent.
  • Crowd Locate - Rely on TrackR’s global network of users to help you locate what’s lost. You’ll receive a private notification when a TrackR app user passes by your lost item alerting you to the location. Crowd locate recovers over 1 million items every day.
  • Free Battery Replacement - Your battery should last for over one year. Get notified when the battery is low. Order a free replacement right from the app. It is very simple to replace when needed.
Save time, save stress, save money and keep your children safe with The Tracker Products by Survival Straps!
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Wounded Warrior Armed with his Survival Strap Comes to the Rescue!

Our bracelets not only look great but also serve as tactical gear you can count on in time of need. Ronnye A. received a Wounded Warrior Project® Bracelet from us and recently put it to good use! He shares:

“So, the other night I got a call to help a female friend out of a situation. She needed some help moving some large entertainment center pieces. She didn’t have any rope and I didn’t have my tie downs in my truck. After frantically searching all over for some rope, I took apart my Survival Straps Bracelet, tied everything down and got her out of dodge! My friend was rather upset that I would use my strap until I told her about your "If You Use It, We'll Replace It" policy. Thank you!”

Thank you, Ronnye, for your service to this great country! Survival Straps® believes in supporting the brave men and women in uniform who sacrifice all to keep us free and safe. We are proud to partner with the Wounded Warrior Project®. They are doing incredible work to help transition America's Wounded Warriors back into society and Survival Straps® seeks to do everything it can to aid this mission.

Shout Outs from Our Customers!

“Survival Straps are THE BOMB! You need to check their entire site, they also make custom color watch bands. Also, they have a policy ... if you need to use your Strap for "Survival" send them a picture of it in action and the will replace it for free. I bought my fist one about 8 years ago and now my son has several, too (we both just ordered Apple Watch Bands). GREAT PEOPLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH!!!!!”       ~ Gary C. 
“Received my Survival Strap last week and absolutely love it!! This is my second Survival Straps band and they are great. As the instructions say, give it a chance to "break in" as it fits better as it loosens up. Thanks again for a great product and great service!!!”       ~ Jeff J. 

“In September of 2010 my son who was then 14 he was diagnosed with melanoma. That fall I ordered this survival strap and have worn it ever since in honor of him. Like the pink breast cancer ribbon worn in October for breast cancer awareness, there is a black ribbon for melanoma awareness. As he is a survivor I thought it appropriate to wear this black survivor strap which has prompted countless conversations about melanoma awareness. He is now a senior in college and doing well. Thanks for the support you unknowingly provided over the years.“ 
~ Jay H. 

Thank you from the team at Survival Straps for letting us know how we’re doing!

Our Customers Rock!

Our Apple Watch Straps receive glowing review from 9 to 5 Mac editor Michael Potuck!

9 to 5 Mac editor Michael Potuck does a big review of the Survival Straps Apple Watch Strap. Below is the full article as it was written on 5/29/2017. 

For the last few weeks I’ve been testing out the Apple Watch Strap by Survival Straps which is made with a mix of paracord and high quality stainless steel. While there are lots of cheap watch bands on the market, Survival Straps’ deliberate approach with custom craftsmanship and quality materials makes this product worth looking at.


Survival Straps use military issue 550# test paracord for its Apple Watch Strap. Each strap is custom-made to fit and the company offers 49 color options. Depending on your measurements, each Apple Watch Strap includes roughly 12 feet of useable paracord.

Marine grade 316 stainless steel is used for the closure and is guaranteed to never rust or break. You can choose either a clevis pin or screw pin for the closure and Survival Straps also includes a break-away pin.

You can choose either Silver or Black for the lugs (the hardware that connects the straps to your watch). I tested out the Silver lugs which match my Stainless Steel Apple Watch (there doesn’t seem to be a matte finish option for the Silver lugs for now). The Black lugs look like they will match the Space Gray Apple Watch Sport, although I haven’t seen that color in person.


Beyond material quality and getting a custom fit, another aspect that sets Survival Straps apart the from competition is that they are all handmade in the U.S.A. The build quality is really solid and makes me feel confident it will be able to handle lots of wear and tear with no problem.

In the event that you need to use the paracord, you can deploy it by hand with a few forceful tugs on the ends. If you have to use your Survival Strap in an emergency, the company will replace it for free (just send in your story and $5 for shipping).

In Use

As Survival Straps mentions in the owner’s manual, a brand new paracord strap will be quite rigid and stiff at first and will soften up over time with use. With the initial strap rigidity and the shackle style closure, it can be a bit tricky to put on this strap at first.

After mine softened up a bit and with a little practice, I found it wasn’t much harder than putting on Apple’s Sport Band. One trick that made it easier for me was putting the clevis pin through one side of the shackle, then using one hand to line up the other side while pulling both straps together with the other hand.

While you’ll get a custom fit strap based on the measurements you give Survival Straps, you still get some flexibility with how tight you’d like to wear your Apple Watch; each shackle has 3 holes to choose from. If your wrist measurement is in-between the available sizes, Survival Straps recommends rounding down to the nearest size.


Whether you love the look and feel of paracord or have been looking for a durable and robust Apple Watch band option, Survival Straps’ handmade, customizable Apple Watch Strap is a good value at $49.99 and is available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches.


This article is as it appears on 9to5 Mac on 5/29/2017.

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