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Top 5 Survival Strap Uses

Maybe you’ve seen strangers pass by wearing what appears to be a simple bracelet on their wrist. It’s interwoven and seemingly plain. Upon asking about it, you discover that it’s more than just a bracelet, it’s a Survival Strap. These authentic military grade paracord bracelets are more than just stylish. They are more than just a symbol of honor and American work ethic. These bracelets are for survival. In times of need, you can unravel these survival bracelets to help you. The best uses of the survival strap are as endless as your creativity. Let’s take a look at the top 5 survival bracelet uses.


Ever have a strap break from your car or bike? How about something really important like a safety harness strap on your life vest? Whether you’re backpacking through Europe with a snapped strap or you are trying to secure tools in the shed, a survival bracelet can help. Untie the survival bracelet and get things back together just like Beth Ackerman did during her Half Ironman.


Bringing the appropriate supplies during a hike, excursion, or adventure is never as easy as it seems. There’s always something that you forget such as a medical tourniquet, just in case something were to go awry. Luckily, wearing the Survival Strap requires no second thought. Slap it on your wrist and go. If chaos does ensue and someone is injured, you’ll be able to use the survival bracelet as an effective means to stop bleeding, potentially saving your friend or family member’s life.


When it comes to moving heavy weight, it’s not always about pure strength. It’s about ingenuity. Made from military grade paracord, the Survival Strap is able to withstand a lot of punishment including being used as a means to move and lift rocks and trees. Even more so when that 200 pound tree is on top of you! Adrienne Wimmer found herself in that same situation. Luckily, she was wearing her Survival Strap.


It sounds like a Hollywood movie set up: Lost in the snow-filled woods following a car crash with no means to contact the outside world.  You’ve exhausted all of your supplies and hunger is starting to set in. What do you do? Catch food using a snare trap made with your survival bracelet. Made to withstand the elements, the Survival Strap is the ideal way to set up a snare trap for small game creatures.


This survival bracelet is a symbol of honor, pride, and benevolence. Made in America, Survival Straps represent the citizens of this country: strong and resourceful. Sometimes the best way to use a survival bracelet doesn’t require taking it apart at all; it involves passing it along to someone who needs it more. Whether you give your own to a friend who is about to embark on a tour of an exotic land or to a son as a keepsake, you pass along everything Survival Strap stands for. An American war veteran heard one woman’s story and decided to do just that.

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