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Paracord Keychain: 4 Quick Car Fixes from Survival Straps

Cars are an unpredictable necessary evil. They may run great most of the time but when we need them most, something unexpected always seems to happen. We’ve all been in that bind where something snaps, hoses break, and luggage comes crashing down from the roof. Next time, make sure that you are one-step ahead of the game by arming yourself with a paracord keychain. Just like the Survival Strap bracelet, it’s made with the same material that is used in parachute line with the added convenience of simply attaching it to your keychain. Paracord is extremely tough and ready to take on a number of brutal tasks. Let’s review the top 4 ways that you can use a paracord keychain to get you out of those troublesome car situations.


We have all seen that truck driving down the highway with the mattress sticking out of the back. As soon as you see it, you switch lanes to ensure when the mattress finally tumbles out, you’re not the one it hits. Don’t be that guy. If you plan to move large objects such as couches, desks, or a stockpile of mattresses, use your paracord fob to guarantee your new possessions stay put. Simply unravel the keychain and attach it side to side, ensuring a secure fit for your stuff. Your fellow drivers will thank you.


If you are still driving around in the same car from college or high school, there’s a good chance that you’re bound to run into the moment when the car suddenly shuts off without you telling it to. Not wanting to waste money on a tow-truck, you call a friend to slowly pull you home. The problem is that he forgot the towline. Break out your paracord accessory, hook it up truck to car, and get yourself home so that you can immediately look into selling the thing.


It is time for your yearly family vacation. You are already running 2 hours behind schedule and you still haven’t loaded up the luggage on top of the van’s roof. As luck would have it, you’re one bungee cord short of a perfect fit. You could chance it but do you really want to be picking up your wife’s clothes on Route 66 in rush-hour traffic? Take your paracord keychain, unravel it, and proudly finish the job. At least, you’ll be able to do one thing right before 18 hours on the road.


The combination of summer heat, rush hour traffic, and an overdue fluid change has caused a rupture in one of your hoses. Anti-freeze is spilling fast and the last thing you need is that engine to overheat. Paracord fob to the rescue! With your untangled paracord, form a tourniquet around the hose to stop the leak and spare your engine. With one crisis averted, you get to balance your budget before making the call for that tow truck.

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