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Top 10 Things Every Adventure Seeker Needs

10. Journal and Pen

What’s an adventure without a captain’s log? Bring along a small notebook and accompanying pen and wind down by channeling your inner Thoreau on the trail. The paper may also come in handy if you need to start a fire.

 9. Flashlight

You won’t need a giant flashlight powered by 10 D batteries but you will certainly need some source of light, especially if it’s a new moon and you’re caught in the middle of the woods. Try to invest in a hybrid solar powered/battery operated pocket flash light. Let it hang from your pack as you walk to charge it and you’ll be ready when the sun goes down.

8. Duct Tape

Is there anything it can’t do? Duct tape is an adventure seeker’s staple. It can literally be the one thing that saves your trip from complete ruin. Use it to patch up your tent, sleeping bag, shoes, and clothes. Or, if you’re a true outdoorsmen, use it to fashion some snare traps. It takes up little space and has a thousand uses, so pick up a roll.

 7. First Aid Kit

This one is pretty obvious and yet so many people hit the trail without one. There’s no need for a giant box with enough supplies for a small village. Hiking stores sell tiny kits that have just what you need for any cuts, burns, or strange rashes that you may pick up along the way.

 6. Water Bottle with Filter

Coming across a water source may not be an issue but finding clean water will be. Invest in a water bottle that has a built-in filter. Like the one that sits in your fridge, this filter will last for up to 3 months. This simple bottle will be the difference between a great trip and a trip to the emergency room due to severe stomach pain. Trust us on this one.

 5. Compass

Many phones are now equipped with a built-in compass but there’s nothing like using a real one. While you may not have need for it, a compass is a small, space-savvy piece of equipment that will provide you extra comfort in knowing you can make it back to civilization should things go awry.

 4. The Right Shoes/Boots

Hiking like an adventurer means hours and hours on your feet, enduring the elements, and whatever the trail has to throw at you. If your feet give out, the trip is over. Spend the extra money and invest in a proven and well-trusted brand of trail shoes or boots. Match the footwear to the type of trip you’ll be taking and avoid wearing Uggs.

 3. Sleeping Bag

When it comes time to turn in, the quality of your sleeping bag will make or break your outlook on the trip. Choose a bag based on the season. You don’t want to be sporting a summer bag while hiking the Appalachian Trail in November.

 2. A Great, Not Good, Pack

This is where the bulk of your money should be going. A pack is not just a pack. You can spend days trying to find the right one. Whether your trail hiking or backpacking through Europe, the number one thing to look for in a pack is hip straps. Buy a bag with very well padded hip straps. This will take the stress off your shoulders and help to avoid strain and pain.

 1. Survival Strap

What could be more convenient than a long length of military grade paracord that has dozens of uses for the trail rolled up into a comfortable bracelet? A Survival Strap bracelet is for the true outdoorsmen. Unravel it to set traps, repair tents, make a fishing line, and stop bleeding. Check out the real life stories of how adventure seekers have used the Survival Straps to save themselves and their trip!

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