How Wearable Fitness Technology is Changing the Industry

Medical experts established the connection between heart rate, metabolic rate, and caloric expenditure long ago. At the time of this discovery, a new question emerged: How does the average individual measure these factors on their own?

It would be impossible to hold a pair of dumbbells AND place a finger on your neck while counting to measure the beats. You could have a friend do it but that would just be awkward. Then came the talk test. If you were able to comfortably hold a conversation, your heart rate was elevated but not enough to enter a cardiovascular state of exercise. Each method was inconvenient and rarely correct.

Modern technology has advanced, providing the average fitness enthusiast with a simple and wearable method of measuring more than just a heart rate. The days of the talk test are long gone. Let’s take a look at the latest technology and the product that captures it all.


The latest technology uses a sensor-based platform called bioelectrical impedance. Chances are, if you’re ever had a fitness assessment or fat measurement, you’ve used this type of technology before. When you focus this technology at reading bioelectrical pulses such as heart rate, bioelectrical impedance proves to be extremely reliable and effective. It is ideal for wearable products such as a bracelet due to the following benefits:

Variety of Variables

  • This technology is able to effectively and accurately measure a wide array of physiological rates such as heart rate, breathing rate, and caloric expenditure.

Lasts Years – Not Days

  • The battery life of many outdated fitness accessories was laughable at best. Bioelectrical impedance requires very little power output, making it ideal for getting the most out of its battery life.

Technology Friendly

  • As technology advances, many products are quickly left behind. Bioelectrical impedance moves with new advances, not against it. When combined with other technology such as GPS tracking, you won’t have to worry about throwing away your bioelectrical impedance-based products because they are outdated.


Bioelectrical impedance products can effectively measure real-time performance data including the following:

  • Heart Rate
  • Breathing Rate
  • Walking/Running Pace
  • Biking Speed
  • Steps Taken
  • Distance
  • Cadence
  • Caloric Expenditure

All of this information coming from something that fits comfortably on your wrist. Best of all, many products allow for the downloading and uploading of your fitness progress on to your phone or computer!


Imagine if these technological breakthroughs were combined with military-grade paracord technology, creating the perfect tool for camping, backpacking, and other adventures. Pairing up with Garmin, that is exactly what Survival Straps set out to achieve. Taking the most elite features of proven Garmin technology, Survival Straps created a hardcore survival bracelet.

Survival Straps Garmin Fēnix

GPS Navigator

  • Create routes
  • Records up to 1,000 waypoints
  • Provides tracklogs
  • Includes altimeter, barometer, and compass
  • Bluetooth®, Garmin, Android, and Apple compatible

Measures Performance

  • Fēnix provides real-time performance data such as distance traveled, pace, calories burned, heart rate, breathing rate, and many more.

Classic Functions Included

  • Get all of your favorite classic functions such as alarms, tones, vibration alerts, timer, and stopwatch.

Built to Last

  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Battery life of up to 50 hours in GPS mode

Use it to Survive

  • Unravel the military grade paracord base and use it as a survival tool. Building traps, tying knots, and creating a fishing line are just a few of the many ways to use a Survival Strap bracelet.
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