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4 Ways Survival Straps can be Used in Emergencies

From the smallest annoyances like getting stuck in rush hour traffic to extreme events such as getting trapped in a snow storm, life rarely goes the way you want it to. Preparing yourself for the worst doesn’t mean you need to build an underground bunker stocked with 5 years worth of food. It can be as simple as wearing a Survival Strap.

A Survival Strap is a fashionable bracelet that is made from military-grade paracord. This is the same material used for military parachutes, safely lowering soldiers to the ground from a height of 30,000 feet. Imagine the possibilities of having a bracelet made up of 9 feet of paracord around your wrist. Better yet, imagine the number of situations you can make it out of with your Survival Strap.


Road trips are an American past time. If you are traveling down one of the many barren stretches of Route 66 and your car starts to sputter because of a burst pipe, you’ll need to act fast. Chances are it might be a long time before a passerby comes your way. Worst of all, the phone died 150 miles ago. Pop the hood and unravel your Survival Strap. You can use the paracord bracelet as a tourniquet to conserve whatever liquids are leaking. This simple act may have saved your engine or transmission along with your bank account.


Sometimes what starts out as a hike can turn into a wrong turn and a forced night out in the wilderness. Whether you need to cover yourself from the sudden downfall of rain or you just want to feel the security of thin walls, you can use your Survival Strap to build a makeshift foundation for a tent. Unravel your bracelet and tie it between two nearby trees. Throw a tarp or large foliage over it and you have yourself a tent that would make the settlers proud.


Along those same lines, if you find yourself stuck out in the woods due to misdirection or an unfortunate event, you may find your food supplies running dangerously low at some point. This is where the Survival Strap comes in. Unravel your Survival Strap to make a simple harness capable of catching small game like rabbit. You can also use it to create a sturdy fishing pole with a very strong line. It’s not as easy as driving through a fast food window but you’ll appreciate it a lot more.


Finally, regardless if you are stuck in the woods, mountains, or caves, there are plenty of sharp edges to snag a fragile vein on. The last thing you need is a deep cut that is running freely with no way to stitch it up. If you or one of your comrades needs to stop the bleeding from a gash, use your Survival Strap. Simply unravel it and wrap it around the corresponding body part to act as a medical tourniquet and stop the bleeding.

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