How to Improve Your Camping Trip with Survival Straps

The laundry list of uses for the Survival Strap is enough to fill a book. As fashionable as the survival bracelet is, make no mistake about it: it is made for down and dirty jobs, tackling the great outdoors, and saving lives. If you have a camping trip coming up, the Survival Strap is one accessory that needs to be at the top of your list. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you need one on your wrist.


First things first, just how reliable is that backpack of yours? When you are going to be in the wild for days, weeks, or even months, you need to make sure that every piece of equipment you bring is ready for the trip, with an emphasis on your pack. Regardless of the quality of the bag, life can happen. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of the woods with a torn bag or broken strap, the Survival Strap can help. Simply unravel the survival bracelet to fix the snapped line or tie the bag closed.


Chances are, you are going to get curious throughout your trip. Whether this means cave spelunking or a climb down the side of a mountain, you may need to disarm yourself of your trusty pack. The question is: how do you intend on getting your pack from point A to point B? Put your Survival Strap to good use by turning it into a pulley system. Attach your bag to one end then lower or raise your bag to wherever your adventure takes you.


With night approaching fast, you want to set up camp and build your tent. Everything looks good when you notice the foundation of the tent is starting to buckle. Untie that Survival Strap and support the foundation of your tent before it falls in. You can also use it to tie the tent down if you happen to run into a windy storm. Let’s say you have no tent, then tie it between two trees to form the foundation that you can throw a tarp over.


Maybe you got carried away one night and ate more than you had planned for. If natural calls you to earn your next meal, take off your Survival Strap and get to work. You can use your survival bracelet as a fishing line or as a snare. Once you have your catch in hand, you can use your Survival Strap to let it hang and dry while you prepare a fire. With breakfast over, simply wipe off the bracelet, pack it back up, and continue on your way.


The Survival Strap is made of military grade paracord that has been rolled up into the design of a comfortable bracelet. With dozens of uses, it is sure to be a valuable asset on any trip you take. Need some ideas? Check out these real life stories of how adventure seekers like you have used the Survival Strap.

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