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Top 4 Real Stories: How Survival Straps Saved the Day

When you buy a Survival Strap, you do so with the hope that you’ll never have to use it. Made from military grade paracord, the same material used in the parachutes of American soldiers, the Survival Strap can handle the toughest situations. The following customers purchased the Survival Strap for fashion, never realizing that it would help them out of dangerous situations.


Dedicated firefighter, Brandon and his partner, Joey, were responding to a call of a fire that was beginning to get out on control and needed assistance from other local houses. Brandon was wearing the Survival Strap that his girlfriend, Erika, had purchased for him months before. While battling the blaze, Brandon and Joey found themselves trapped on the second story with no radio transmission and a stopped hose line. As the flames spread, the two men needed to act fast. While Joey used a bar to jam the window open, Brandon unraveled his Survival Strap and attached it across the room. Both men jumped out of the window while holding on to the strap and survived. Check out the full story here.


During a 4th of July celebration, Adrienne was enjoying good food, great music, and the company of family. A storm had washed up debris days before and one of these pieces was a huge log weighing well over 200 pounds. As everyone gathered round to remove the log before any of the children got hurt, Adrienne’s daughter, Alexis jumped in to help. The log was more than the adults could handle. Losing their grip, the log slipped and pinned Alexis’ leg down under the water. Thinking fast, Adrienne unraveled her Survival Strap, looped it around the log and used it to lift the log and save her daughter. Read the whole story and see pictures here.


A crew determined to win the Bermuda Race found themselves face to face with winds at 30 miles an hour and 10-foot swells. The pressure of these waves came crashing down on the boat and resulted in toppling the main sail’s halyard! In the dead of night, the crew had to think fast. One of them happened to be wearing a Survival Strap. Untying the survival bracelet, he spliced the two snapped lines together and successfully restored their sails. Despite the incident, the crew managed to take fourth place in the race. Read the whole story here.


As a gold miner in Alaska, it is Troy’s job to hike vast distances to supervise claimed areas and test new equipment. Needing to find service to relay a message back to base camp, Troy had to walk several miles through mountain paths and wilderness. Getting stuck with a very old pair of snow shoes, Troy began his journey. During the hike, the snowshoes broke, leaving Troy at a severe disadvantage for crossing the snow-laden fields. Thinking fast, he unraveled his Survival Bracelet and restored his snowshoes, allowing him to complete the entire hike without further problems. Read the whole story here.

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