Top 4 Survival Products That Changed the Industry

It wasn’t too long ago that owning a knife, canteen, and sleeping bag meant that you were prepared for the great outdoors. The industry has evolved substantially since the good old days, combining the most advanced technology with the most essential needs for campers, hikers, and hunters. Let’s review the top 4 survival products that have changed the industry and made it easier for consumers to survive in the wilderness.


When GPS (global positioning system) technology first arrived on the scene, it was limited to military use. In 2015, everyone has the ability to own and use GPS. This technology is so precise that it can guide you to a remote hiking spot a world away. It is also being placed in every kind of electronic and consumer product you can think of. From cell phones to fitness monitors, GPS is everywhere. For those looking for a practical use of GPS, look no further than GPS-enabled watches. These ultra energy efficient devices, such as the Garmin Approach S6, usually come with a variety of other functions aside from GPS including compass, water resistance, and heart rate monitor.


If you have ever run out of water while hiking, you know the frustration and anxiety someone feels as he/she wonders when water will show up again. If you’re lost in the wilderness and you do come across a water source, there’s always the chance for harmful parasites and bacteria. So what do you do? Use your water filtration straw to clean the water and make it drinkable. Products such as Life Straw are small, convenient, and can filter up to 264 gallons of water, making it safe for you to drink.


Let’s say you took a wrong turn a few miles back and there’s just not enough time to retrace your steps before dark. You set up camp and are in need of a fire before the temperature starts to plunge. Firestarters are a great addition to the outdoors industry. Designed with high strike capacity magnesium (usually around 20,000 strikes!), these tools take the stress out of fire building. Modern firestarters are now being upgraded with a variety of exciting features. The TX Firestarter comes with a built-in nylon strap, compass, signal mirror, and thermometer! All of these add-ons are essential to every serious hiker and camper.


Made with military-grade paracord, the survival bracelet looks like a rugged fashion statement. When the going gets tough, the survival bracelet can be unraveled to save the day. This paracord material is so tough that it’s used in the construction of official military parachutes. Use your survival bracelet to catch food, build shelter, or stop the bleeding. The company leading the industry for survival bracelets is Survival Straps. You can also read true stories from real customers about how they used their Survival Strap.


With the advancements of modern technology, going out on your own into the great outdoors has never been easier. From GPS watches to Survival Straps, you can rest assured that you will be able to handle your own in the unpredictable natural world.

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