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Important Knots You Can Make With a Paracord Bracelet

For most people, the only knot they know how to tie is in their shoelaces. Even for those of us who did join the scouts, the knowledge of knot tying was lost years ago. If you consider yourself an avid hiker, camper, or survival enthusiast, then the knowledge of how to tie a strong knot may come in handy sooner than you think. The military grade paracord that is used to make a Survival Strap can be harnessed for a number of useful benefits including survival knot tying. Let’s take a look at the most important knots to know while you’re on the trail.


The Survival Strap is designed to help you get out of tough situations. Made with military grade paracord, the Survival Strap is as useful as it is fashionable. Simply slip off your survival bracelet, unravel it, and use it to create any of the following knots. 


Just imagine that you have gotten lost in the woods and the sun is setting fast. You know you won’t make it out of the wilderness in time so you’ll need to set up camp. Thankfully, you brought a tarp to protect yourself from heavy downpours. Utilizing a taut line hitch, you will be able to create a makeshift shelter for yourself with the tarp. You can also use it to secure your belongings or heavy loads. Check out how to tie the taut line hitch here.


This is one of the most important knots to know for rock climbers or those hikers who like to go off the beaten path. The bowline is a simple knot that will not jam up. It’s also very easy to untie, even after pulling it tight. You can use this knot in emergency situations such as lowering supplies down from a cliff face or hoisting an injured climbing partner back up the path. Check out how to tie the bowline here.


Even more important than knowing how to tie a bowline is doing it one-handed. Why? Imagine that you have slipped off a cliff face and are holding on for your life with one hand. Or let’s say that you’re caught in a raging current. In either situation, if someone throws you a rope and tells you to tie it around yourself, the last thing you want to do is let go of the cliff or rock with your other hand. Check out how to tie the one-handed bowline here.


This is the ultimate knot for climbers. It is one of the most secure knots for when you find yourself dangling hundreds of feet above the ground. Aside from being one of the most trusted knots for climbers, it’s also one of the easiest to tie and untie. Check out how to tie a figure-8 knot here.

 Always Be Prepared

Make sure you are equipped before venturing out in to the wilderness with a tried and true Survival Strap. You never know when you’ll find yourself in an emergency situation, but at least you know you’ll arrive prepared. Check out the Survival Straps collection today.

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