Top 5 Random Ways to Use the Survival Strap

Whenever you hear about a survival bracelet, it’s usually associated with heroic tales, emergency situations, or simply saving the day in a small way. Did you know that the Survival Strap bracelet has literally hundreds of other uses? The survival bracelet is extremely versatile, offering you simple solutions around your home. Keep in mind that in order to use it for the following list, it will need to be broken down, which means you won’t be able to wear it again. However, don’t forget that if a Survival Strap saves your day in the home or in the wilderness, take a picture, send us your story, and we’ll send you a new one absolutely free!

 1. Patch Up

     Take a look at your clothing collection. See any articles that could use some patchwork? What could be better than utilizing the military grade paracord threads of the survival strap to sew up those shirts and pants? Break down the survival bracelet into its individual thread foundation. Thread a needle and start sewing! It is available in a variety of colors so you can make sure the thread matches the clothing.

 2. Floss Your Teeth

     Dental health takes precedence over a lot, even when you find yourself stuck on a hike without floss. When desperate times call for desperate measures, reach for your Survival Strap. Broken down into its individual threads, the paracord can be safely used as an effective way to floss your teeth. Best of all, the last thing you will have to worry about is the thread breaking like normal floss! This paracord is military grade tough.

  3. Build a Clothing Line

     One of the best ways to dry your clothes is by hanging them outside. Unfortunately, many laundry lines are made with cheap material that weakens, collects pollen, and breaks shortly after buying it. Unravel your survival bracelet to create the toughest clothesline that you will ever come across. With the military grade survival bracelet, you’ll be able to hang your clothes in confidence, knowing that the laundry line while likely last longer than your clothes.

 4. Pull Something!

     When sheer strength can’t move something, what do you do? Use a pulley system! For your money, nothing is going to beat the military grade strength of a Survival Strap. Unravel your survival bracelet and use it straight away as a pulley or thread it through a wheel system. That bracelet is going to be able to handle at least 550 pounds, which is enough to tackle even the toughest jobs.

 5Tie Your Shoes

     Let’s say you are running late for work, you go to tie your shoe and the lace breaks. Or what happens when your hiking and the laces on your boot snap? Unravel your survival bracelet and lace up. The Survival Strap can act as an effective shoelace. Best of all, this military grade technology is far superior to any shoelace you’ve purchased in the past.

While the Survival Strap is a very handy tool when preparing for your next outdoor adventure, it is also versatile enough to save the day at home. Whenever life throws you a curve ball, unravel your survival bracelet, and tackle the situation head on. Check out the new Survival Strap collection and get yours today!

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