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These People Should Never Leave Home without a Survival Strap

Certain types of people find themselves in tricky situations whether they ask for it or not. It could be something small like needing to replace a clothesline, or something as life threatening as trying to rescue someone from a burning building. There’s a good chance that this is something you can relate to. Survival Straps are made for anyone who needs to go above and beyond, but it can also help you succeed during your day-to-day. The following types of people will benefit the most from wearing a survival bracelet and should never leave home without one.


We are talking about all types of fishermen. Whether you’re on a commercial vessel or simply enjoying beach side catches, you’ll need a Survival Strap to help you with the day’s work. Able to hold up to 550 pounds, no fish is too big of a task for the survival bracelet. If a fishing line snaps, replace it with the military grade paracord. If you are in the middle of a storm, use the Survival Strap as a tie down. Whatever you do, don’t forget it at home.


Freshmen year of college is a very overwhelming time. You’re struggling to memorize which building you have to report to for class on top of remembering the list of books that you have to bring. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a snapped pack while carrying your heavy textbooks to class. As a student, you should always be wearing a Survival Strap so that you can fix up your pack and carry on to class. You can also use it as a clothesline inside the dorm room or a foundation for a picture collage.


Your average fireman has to carry around over 50 pounds of gear. From the suit to the helmet, everything is there to offer the highest level of protection. What are another few ounces of weight? Wearing a Survival Strap as a fireman can be the difference between leaving in your truck or leaving in an ambulance. The survival bracelet offers a number of uses and it can hold up to 550 pounds. This could mean lowering a small child from a window or tying back a piece of debris.

Survival Straps had the privilege of receiving a firsthand account on how our bracelet helped saved two firemen on duty.


This should come as no surprise, but if you are exploring the great outdoors then the Survival Strap is going to become a best friend. You can use it to replace those torn bootlaces, build a makeshift tent, and capture food, among many other things. Before you put on your hiking pack, make sure your survival bracelet is snuggly fit on your wrist.

Military Grade Bracelet can make all the Difference

The Survival Strap is a military grade paracord bracelet, wrapped in a stylish fashion. This simple accessory can make the difference in an emergency situation. If you fall into one of the categories listed above, you will benefit the most from making the investment in a military tough Survival Strap. Check out our newest designs for the Survival Strap.

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