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You and Your Dog Will Love Survival Straps

Given a choice, most avid hikers will prefer to take their four-legged, furry friends along as a travel companion. Your dog is a natural born explorer. It can easily find food, knows when danger is approaching, and, if need be, will happily protect you from said danger. Another tool that is there to make your hiking trips easier is your Survival Strap. Did you know that you could use your survival bracelet to help out your best friend as well? Let’s take a look at how useful the Survival Strap can be useful when hiking with your dog.

Use it as a Leash 

Chances are, when you’re out in the wild, you are letting your dog run free. If you find that you need your pooch close by due to dangerous terrain, then use your Survival Strap as a leash. Simply unravel the bracelet, gently secure it around your dog’s neck or body, and grab the other end of the makeshift leash. Not only is it comfortable for your dog but it is also incredibly strong.

Use it as an Emergency Suture

We hope that you or your dog won’t run into any trouble with on the trail but, as it’s often said, life happens. If your dog happens to take a tumble and needs immediate stitches, look no further than your Survival Bracelet. Break down the bracelet to the base threads. You can use these threads to stitch up any open cuts on your dog. Your best friend will not be happy, but he will still be alive.

Use it as a Dog Tag

Are you tired of having to replace those cheap neck collars for your dog? It’s time you invested in a military grade Survival Strap as a dog tag. Survival Straps are completely customizable, allowing you to inscribe your hiking buddy’s name and your contact information. As mentioned above, sometimes life throws you a curve ball. If your dog is lost in the woods, make sure he’s equipped with the information to get him home.

Use it as a Tie Down 

Half the fun of a hiking trip is not knowing what to expect. When bad weather or accidents strike, tie downs are amazing to have on hand. If you are fresh out, then simply reach for your Survival Bracelet. Are you caught in a freak snowstorm with no way to wrap up your dog in the cold? Take the tarp you brought and use your bracelet as a tie around. Did your dog sprang a leg and needs to keep weight off? Tie up your dog’s leg with the strong and high quality survival bracelet. You can also use the bracelet to make your dog a tent, or to catch some food.

If you thought there were plenty of uses for the survival bracelet for you, just imagine what it can do for your dog. Survival Straps are a military grade tool for the explorer in all of us. It’s an effective safety measure that you can easily wear on your wrist, ensuring it can go everywhere with you. Check out the Survival Straps collection for you and your dog so you can be ready for anything on your next adventure together.

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