What to Include in a Hiking Emergency Kit

When the trail is your home for months out of the year, you become accustomed to handling yourself. Whether it’s foraging for food, collecting drinkable water, or protecting yourself from wildlife, you know how to survive. Despite being equipped with knowledge and experience, nature is an unpredictable force. Even the simplest hike can turn into a life-threatening situation. When that time comes, make sure you’re prepared. Here are the top items to include in your emergency kit when you are tackling the great outdoors.

Snakebite Kit

Experts at hiding and striking, snakes present one of the greatest threats on the trail. Even in familiar terrain, there’s always the possibility that a snake may call that place home. If you are bitten by a snake miles away from your car, what do you do? Unfortunately, antivenom needs to be stored at 20 degrees below Celsius. Your next best bet is a snakebite kit. While it will not counteract the venom, the kit will safely extract it, allowing you to stop the worst of the symptoms. The kit is small, convenient, and very affordable.

Water Purifier

Water is the most important thing to secure while hiking. If you run out and you still have miles to go, you’ll need to find drinkable water and fast. When you’re hiking in an area and you’re not sure where the water source comes from, you can still drink it with confidence with a water purifier. Many companies sell water purifiers that are in the shape of a pen or a straw. They are small, inexpensive, and extremely useful. Simply drink directly from the water source using the water purifier. These little gadgets completely remove harmful parasites and pollutants.

Survival Strap

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling of the realization that you made a wrong turn when you’re in the wilderness, miles away from home. Instead of worrying and weeping, you’ll need to start acting fast so you can beat the setting sun. It’ll be important to secure a number of things such as shelter, food, and self-defense. One tool will allow you to have all of these and it fits on your wrist. The Survival Strap is a military grade paracord bracelet that can handle up to 550 pounds of pressure. It can be taken apart and used in hundreds of ways conducive to survival. You can build a makeshift shelter, trap food, create weapons, form a tourniquet, and dozens of other useful things, all from a seemingly simple bracelet. Best of all, this amazing tool will take up no room in your pack because you’ll be wearing it securely on your wrist.

Life will always be chaotic and unpredictable, especially in the wilderness. There’s no reason you can’t scale mountain and roam rolling hills without peace of mind. Include these items in your survival kit and hike with confidence. The most useful of these tools takes up the least amount of room and may be the edge you need. Check out the latest collection of Survival Straps today.

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