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Save Your Family Cookout with the Survival Strap

Nothing defines the summer season quite like a family cookout. On a perfect summer day, you’ll have someone manning the grill, the kids playing volleyball, the dogs aren’t causing trouble, and the weather is cooperative. As we all know, life rarely is this picture perfect. If you’re in the middle of having a family cookout and trouble strikes, make sure you’re prepared with the military grade paracord bracelet that is changing the industry: the Survival Strap. Let’s take a look at how this simple fashion accessory can save your family cookout and make you a summer legend.


How many times have you had a friend come over with a game only to discover that most of the pieces are missing? If a friend or family member is insistent on playing volleyball only to discover there is no way to stand up the net, there’s no need to stress. Simply remove your Survival Strap, unravel it, and put it to work. You have a number of options including using two halves of the bracelet to tie to support beams. You can also reinforce an already present tie-up. In no time, you can have the volleyball net hanging for a day of fun and games.


Is there anything worse than a summer storm on a beautiful day during a family gathering? When storm clouds start to roll in, there’s no need to run inside. Chances are, you already get the tarp cover tent from the shed and continue with the festivities like business as usual. What happens when your tent cover is ripped? Think fast and use that paracord bracelet. The Survival Strap, once unraveled, can be broken down into individual military grade threads that are perfect for patching up holes. Get that hole patched and throw up the tent cover just before the rain starts. 


Man’s best friend can quickly become a cookout’s worst nightmare. When dogs become wound up by the excitement of too many people, all of that obedience training just might go right out the window. Dogs on the loose at a cookout may result in disappearing hamburgers, towels being used as chew toys, and children being knocked over in good fun. When you need to tame the wild dog at your cookout and a leash is nowhere in sight, break out your Survival Strap. Unravel the bracelet and you have a military grade leash that is capable of handling over 550 pounds of pressure! That is sure to keep your dog in check.

The Survival Strap is known as the emergency tool that any danger seeker should own but it’s also the perfect accessory for fans of fun, sun, and cookouts. Don’t let a broken net, torn tent, or crazy dog put a stop to your family cookout. Arm yourself with the Survival Strap and be ready for anything that life has to throw your way. Check out the latest collection of Survival Straps today.

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