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Survive Your Deep Sea Fishing Trip with the Survival Strap

survive sailing with survival straps

Deep-sea fishing is one of the most relaxing and inspiring trips that you can take during the spring and summer. You get to enjoy the company of friends and adult beverages while basking in the breeze of the sea. If you’re lucky enough, you can return home with dinner and a tan. Like anything in life, even the things we do for fun don’t always go as planned. If you hit trouble on the high seas, there’s no reason why you have to turn tail and return back to land. Let’s take a look at how the military grade Survival Strap may be able to save the day for you and your friends.


Let’s start with the least troublesome of the high seas worries: fishing line. Ideally, you’ll be prepared with plenty of high quality fishing line. The reality is you may have been more worried about the beverages. If you run out of fishing line, that’s no reason to stop fishing. Simply remove your convenient Survival Strap from your wrist. Taken apart, the survival bracelet can be broken down to its foundational threads. These threads are tough! Military grade paracord threads are strong enough to hold back 550 pounds of pressure. Simply thread this through your line and get back to fishing.


Maybe the weather kicks up or maybe someone is having too much fun, but when you look up at your sail, you can see a large tear straight down the middle. If you decided to take to the sea on a sailboat and that’s your only way back to shore, you need to do something to patch it up. That’s where the Survival Strap can help. Just like above, you can break the survival bracelet down to its threads. Put through a needle, these threads make an amazing tool to patch up any type of fabric including the sail on your boat. Get to work and in no time, you’ll be back to cruising through the wind.


Worst-case scenario, you sail right into the middle of a storm. While you deal with a terrible case of seasickness, you watch as your mast starts to snap from the pressure. Hold your stomach tight and get to work. Remove your Survival Strap, unravel it, and use it as a tie back for the mast. Able to withstand the pressure, this military grade paracord bracelet is ready to make sure you arrive back to land safely. 

The Survival Strap is designed to help you in extreme situations; however, with its fashionable look, it can be worn at any time. You never know when disaster will strike but you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared no matter where you go. Don’t let weather, wild friends, or chance tarnish your deep-sea fishing trip. Invest in a Survival Strap and secure your peace of mind today. Check out our huge selection today!

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