Top 3 Weirdest School Supplies Your Child Should Have this School Year

It’s that time again. For parents, it’s a dream come true. For kids, it’s a nightmare. School is back in session, which means right now parents are rushing around for last minute supplies. During your usual round of school shopping, it’s safe to say you have the classics covered. Paper, pencils, and folders are all ready to go but school is much different than it used to be. With the ramping up of technological achievements, kids have access to new and more efficient ways to learn, have fun, and be a better student. Let’s take a look at the top 3 weirdest school supplies you should be putting on your shopping list.


It’s inevitable. Your child will be surrounded with dozens of other students that are hot beds for germs. These germs can cause illnesses such as the common cold, flu, and strep throat. Remember, kids carry those germs from the classroom into the home. Don’t put yourself or your child at risk for illness. Protect your kid with whole-food based immunity boosters. Many brands will contains Zinc, Echinacea, and Ginseng; all of which are amazing at give your immune system a boost. That means less sick days taken for you and your child.


This one may be more common for college students, but young children can benefit just the same. Considering the short attention span of the average child or teenager, having all lectures and homework assignments recorded verbatim is never a bad idea. What’s more, having things recorded in the classroom acts as a protective tool against any type of conflict. Let’s say that a dispute breaks out between two students or the teacher and the student. Having an audio record may help solve these matters despite the he-said-she-said debate that is sure to follow.


 The most important item that your child can bring to school is the military grade paracord survival bracelet known as the Survival Strap. Each bracelet is fashionable and can be customized to suit your child’s personality. The Survival Strap can be used for fun, or in an emergency. If your child ruins his shoelaces and needs new ones, the Survival Strap can be unraveled and used to lace up those sneakers in no time. If your daughter finds herself with a snapped strap on her backpack, she can remove the survival bracelet and harness her bag back together until she returns home. From science projects to patching up school supplies, the Survival Strap will be there. Even if a dangerous situation occurs, the Survival Strap is always ready to help.

Get with the times and make your child’s school experience much easier with the weirdest school supplies mentioned above. The Survival Strap is hands down one of the most versatile accessories to have this school year. Able to be used for class projects, during recess, and emergency situations, the Survival Strap is more than just a fashionable bracelet, it’s a convenient solution. Get ready for the new school year and take a look at the extensive collection of Survival Straps today!

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