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Real Survival Stories from Survivors Using the Survival Strap

You know all about how the Survival Strap is able to save the day but have you ever heard of a real life scenario where it was used? The following three events are absolutely true and provide you with perfect examples of how versatile, convenient, and necessary the Survival Strap is for you.

Jeramy Saves a Life

For Jeramy Houston, it was just another day at the fire station. Getting a call about an injured teenager, Jeramy and his crew rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, the team discovered that a 16 year old boy had plummeted 60 feet from the top of a waterfall. The teenager had been out for the day when a miscalculation sent him over the edge. The boy had landed on the rocks below. Reaching the boy, Jeramy dispatched for an immediate medical evacuation. As the team was setting up for the evacuation, Jeramy knew that the boy couldn’t wait. He sacrificed his Survival Strap and used it as a means to lower emergency supplies. His team was able to stabilize the boy until he was able to be evacuated. You can read more about how Jeramy and his Survival Strap saved a life, and see why having your own paracord bracelet can be beneficial to others as well as yourself.

Kirk Dodges a Bullet 

While serving in the United States Navy as a Master-At-Arms, Kirk Lites was completing his usual rounds. He came upon one cabinet of weaponry that was due for checking. As he began to open the drawer to the cabinet, he noticed that it was stuck. Despite several full strength pulls, the drawer remained jammed. Contacting a specialist in weapon cabinetry, it was clear that something was very wrong with this piece of equipment. Casually, the cabinet specialist mentioned how paracord would be the best way to open to drawer. That’s when Kirk took out his Survival Strap. Breaking it down, Kirk and the specialist used the military grade paracord to safely open the cabinet. Once open, it was revealed that the source of the jam was an actual M9 handgun! Read the whole story about Kirk and the handgun here.

Seth Sails Home 

Admittedly, Seth Bernardez isn’t the best of sailors. That didn’t stop him and his father from setting sail during a long awaited family vacation. While the two enjoyed the sights, sounds, and smells of the open water, little did they know that a storm was forming nearby. Once they caught sight of the clouds, it was too late. They sailed directly into the storm on their way home, being tipped over several times. The boat was only able to take so much and on the fourth tip over, the sail anchor snapped, leaving Seth with no way to steer them back to safety. Just when he thought that all hope was lost, he remembered his Survival Strap. Removing the survival bracelet from his wrist, he unraveled it to re-form the sail’s steering cord. Thanks to the Survival Bracelet, Seth and his father were able to safely return home to the family. Want more details? You can read the full story of Seth’s survival story here.

Regardless of your profession, lifestyle, or habits, the Survival Strap is a safe and convenient way for you to protect yourself in times of unexpected events. Whether you’re going for a hike or needing a last-minute DIY project completed, the Survival Strap is there to help. Check out the latest selection of the military grade paracord bracelet that can be there for you when you need it most.

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