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Best Places for Extreme Sports featuring the Survival Strap

When football just doesn’t do it for you and you can’t seem to get into watching baseball, then you need to amp up your adrenaline factor. Extreme sports are a thrilling way to find a new hobby as well as admire the skill of the participants. If you’re a beginner who wants to see the best of the best or you’re a veteran looking to expand your sports horizons, we have you covered. Let’s take a look at the best places around the globe that offer you the most bang for your buck with extreme sports.


If you are a fan of the off road biking scene or you simply love to ride through an aesthetically pleasing road for miles then it’s time to head to Europe. Catalonia, Spain offers you the peaceful roads and challenging trails you’re looking for while providing you with plenty of local fanfare. Make it a day trip with Mediterranean views or push yourself to the limit among the rolling foothills. No matter which path you choose, be sure to stop in at one of the local restaurants featuring the catch of the day. Tourist season peaks June through August so try to go in April, May, or September.

Most importantly, don’t forget your Survival Strap. This paracord bracelet is worn on the wrist and can be unraveled in times of need. For instance, if something goes wrong with your bike. The Survival Strap can support 550 pounds and is the perfect extreme sport tool.


Dubbed the Adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown, New Zealand hosts a number of breathtaking scenic backdrops for every type of extreme sport. Rock climbing, in particular, seems to dominate above all. In fact, rock climbers from all over the world gather each year for a number of climbing related festivals; most notably, the annual Ice and Mixed Festival. Just outside of Queenstown, you will find an unbelievable climbing spot called Wye Creek. Yes, it is well known but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the trip. As you are climbing, you will get to look out on the horizon to see gorgeous shades of blue amidst mountains and glacier lakes.

Even on beginner climbs, the element of the unknown still lurks. Be sure to protect yourself and be prepared for anything with the Survival Strap, a military grade paracord bracelet that can be used to reinforce slack line.


Who doesn’t love the idea of jumping off an incredibly tall structure and throwing your own parachute open? If base jumping is what you need to feel alive then book yourself a flight to Venezuela. This is where you will find the famous Angel Falls. 3,000 feet up in the air, you will leap over the Falls and experience the ride of a life time. Best of all, Angel Falls supports base jumping and has a staff ready to help you. No need to worry about the law.

As long as you’re wearing your Survival Strap, you won’t need to worry at all. This convenient bracelet can be broken down to its original paracord threads if you are ever in need. Use it to patch up your chute, strap, or clothing.

When visiting any of these locations, be sure to bring along your Survival Strap. This military grade paracord bracelet can be the difference between a successful trip and a trip to the emergency room. Take a look at our stylish collection of tried and proven Survival Straps.

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