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Why Every Boy and Girl Scout Needs a Survival Strap

Survival Straps

For over 20 years, one central organization has been dedicated to the survival education and character development of American youth. The Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of the USA have been a welcoming presence in the lives of thousands of boys and girls looking to learn more about themselves and the world around them. One of the primary focuses of the club is instruction in basic survival in the outdoors. From tying knots to identifying edible plants, boys and girls receive a quality and lifesaving education.

The Survival Strap is a fashionable bracelet that is made with military grade paracord. Its proven ability to withstand over 550 pounds of pressure and its hundreds of potential uses make it the perfect tool for any boy or girl in the scouts. Let’s take a look at some of the ways this simple yet efficient bracelet can make a difference.

Creating Your Own Shelter

Before scouts are taught to find edible plants and how to snare a wild rabbit, they need to know how to build a shelter that will keep them dry and away from the elements. Aside from gathering sturdy foliage, scouts will need to set up a shelter foundation. There is no better foundation than that of a Survival Strap. Scouts simply remove the bracelet and unravel it. Tying from tree to tree, they now have a tough and reliable foundation to build the rest of the shelter on.

Catching Food

With the shelter complete, scouts will need to locate food. Edible plants are a start but eventually they need to know how to go about catching a small wild animal. The traditional snare method is easy to learn and very valuable. What happens when scouts don’t have extra string lying around? What’s more, if the weather is extreme, shoelaces may come in handy at a more pressing time. The solution is the Survival Strap. Broken down to its foundational threads, this survival bracelet offers military grade quality that is sure to help create the perfect snare trap.

Patching Up Your Clothes

While in the wilderness, it’s important to maintain the clothes you’re wearing as they may need to keep you warm for days or weeks on end. If scouts find a tear in their pants or shirt, they will need to patch it up quickly. All they have to do is remove the Survival Strap, break it down to the individual threads, and start sewing. In extreme cases, scouts can also use these threads to sew up any gaping wounds that will not close on their own.

Survival StrapsFor children and teenagers learning about survival, one of the most convenient and helpful tools to provide them with is the Survival Strap. This military grade survival bracelet is tough, reliable, and ready to help you make the most out of any bad situation. Best of all, it’s fashionable. You can wear a life saving device that matches your outfits and your personality. Take a look at the Survival Strap collection today!

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