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7 Items That Should Always Be in Your Car’s Emergency Kit

roadside emergency kits

Summer is over and fall has arrived. With the changing of the leaves and the chill in the air come the best deals on new and used cars. September and October are the best months to buy a car since dealerships are getting ready to push the next year’s model. Before you get caught up in the excitement of hitting the road with your new purchase, you will want to make sure to take the proper precautions first. A requirement by law in other countries, the emergency kit is rarely seen in many of the cars found on the road in the United States.

Think outside the box and buy an emergency kit for your car. Doing so will help you be prepared for the worst. Let’s take a look at this check list of essential items.


Whether you’ve just been in a car accident or one of your passengers is hurt, the first thing you’ll want to do is tend to any wounds. A first aid kit is one of the most important elements to any emergency kit. Be sure that your first aid kit is complete with several types of bandages, antibiotic ointments, venom extractor, gauze, and over-the-counter pain relievers.


Once wounds are bandaged and all passengers have been attended to, it’ll be time to make your presence known, especially if you’ve experienced an accident on a rural road. Road flares help to alert passing motorists to your location, increasing your chances to receive help. They also help to avoid another accident. The strike-based road flares usually last for 15 minutes. We would recommend purchasing the battery operated flares that are bright, blink, and last for hours.


Wounds are bandaged and the flares are laid out. Now it’s time to call for help. If you are in an area with service but your cell phone battery has long since run out, just look to your car’s emergency kit. Keeping a fully charged cell phone battery inside of your emergency kit may be the difference between waiting minutes or hours for help to arrive. Many companies sell charger sticks that you simply plug into your phone and it fully charges the battery.


Even if your tires are shot and your car isn’t able to drive, getting your battery started is still going to be useful, especially if you find yourself stranded in the freezing cold. Jumper cables are a car classic and can be used in simple situations as well as life threatening events. Be sure to spend the extra money on a good pair.


If you’ve crashed and are going to need to spend a night or two in your car, you’ll want to stay warm. Many companies are selling what look like space age material blankets as they are shiny and silver. They are easy to fold up and take up very little room. Some of the best blankets have a temperature grade as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celcius)!


One of the most critical parts to your emergency kit never has to be put inside of the box. A Survival Strap is a military grade paracord bracelet that is capable of withstanding over 550 pounds of pressure. It’s fashionable, convenient, useful, and it never has to leave your wrist. When you’re ready to use it, simply unravel it. The Survival Strap can save your life, so you shouldn’t ever leave home without it.

Life is full of surprises that are beyond your control. One thing you can control is how prepared you are in case of emergencies. Having an emergency kit placed in your car at all times is an easy and excellent way to stay ahead of the game. Check out our collection and get yourself one of the newest survival bracelets today.

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