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Prepare for Christmas with the Survival Strap

Christmas is right around the corner. Right after Thanksgiving Day and the rush of Black Friday, many people jump into preparing their homes to celebrate Christmas with family. When you break out your checklist, what do you need to do in order to get prepared? Chances are you’ll have to find and secure a tree, put up lights, and hang stockings. Despite having the holiday off, many people tend to focus on relaxation and family time, putting off the Christmas decorating until last minute. If you need a helping hand this holiday to get your house in order for Santa, then look to the Survival Strap. 

This amazing survival bracelet can help with everything from setting up that tree to turning your house into a shining Christmas light beacon. Let’s take a look at why you need to be wearing the Survival Strap as you decorate this holiday.

Secure that Tree with the Survival Strap

Nothing says Christmas quite like that big tree in the living room that is decorated from top to bottom with lights, knickknacks, and a star. First things first, you need to find the perfect tree. Once you see the tree you want, you’ll need some help getting it home and securing it. That’s where the Survival Strap can help. Simply remove your survival bracelet and use it to secure the tree to the top of your car and drag it into the house. You can also pin the bracelet from the tree to the wall for additional security.

Hang Up Your Decorations with the Survival Bracelet

Able to hold up 550 pounds, the Survival Strap makes the perfect decoration tool. Do you have heavy decorations that need hanging? Or how about several hundred lights that need to be secured to your roof and home? No matter the amount of decorating you have to do, the Survival Strap can help. Once you take off your survival bracelet and unravel it, you’re left with an elite quality line for holding up any type of decoration. Make sure Santa and his reindeer stay safely secured to your roof. Hang up that big snowman in your front yard without the fear of the wind blowing it away. No matter what you need, the Survival Strap can help.

Complete the Fireplace with Stockings Using the Survival Strap

The finishing touch on any holiday decoration list is the hanging of the stockings above the fireplace. Have you run out of clips or a line to hang your stockings? All you have to do is remove the Survival Strap from your wrist, unwind it, and get ready to decorate that fireplace. The survival bracelet is made with military grade paracord, ensuring you’ll have a strong and sturdy line to hang stockings, despite what they are stuffed with. Don’t forget to add a Survival Strap into the stockings of your family.

The Survival Strap is a small, convenient, and fashionable tool that can come in handy when you least expect it. If you’re out of ways to decorate your home, let this survival bracelet help you. While there’s no way of putting the Survival Strap back together once you’ve unraveled it, we’ll replace it free of charge! Simply send in your story with pictures about how the Survival Strap helped save your holiday. We’ll happily send a new one to you. Check out the latest collection of Survival Straps today for all your gift giving needs this holiday season.

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