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Top Products to Get You Out of the House in 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 is here and that means that many of you will be making your resolutions for the new year. Goals for the upcoming 12 months will primarily focus on overall health. You may not be planning to enter a bodybuilding show but there’s a good chance that you want to become more active. Taking a walk around the block can get old fast, especially when the winter winds are fierce. Getting out and about doesn’t have to be a chore. This year is the host to many types of products designed to get you into the sunshine while improving your health. Let’s take a look at the best items to buy this year that will turn anyone into a lover of the great outdoors. 

  1. Waterproof Shoes

A morning sunshiny walk in the February cold can be exactly what you need to start your day. Unfortunately, if you live in an area where snow is a frequent visitor then your shoes will quickly go from dry to wet, and make your feet feel frozen. Arm yourself with waterproof shoes that will keep your feet dry during any season. Two of the best brands you can get your hands on this season are L.L. Bean and Treton. Stylish, affordable, and effective, these waterproof shoes will ensure you quickly become a fan of the outdoors.

  1. Camera Kit

Need a reason to get outside? Take up photography. This small time habit can quickly become a traveling addiction that forces you to spend more time out of the house, being active, than stuck inside watching television. Getting your hands on a beginner friendly camera kit is going to quickly change the way you see the outdoors. Nikon and Canon both have excellent digital camera kits that are reasonably priced with everything you’ll ever need to get started, including a complete instructional manual and video!

  1. Survival Strap

Whether you take up a new photography hobby or you suddenly find a love for all things hiking, there is one item that you should never leave the house without this year: the Survival Strap. Made from military grade paracord, this survival bracelet can be worn around your wrist in a multitude of designs and colors. Why is it so important to take the Survival Strap everywhere you go? It is one of the most convenient and effective remedies for survival situations. Able to withstand over 550 pounds of pressure, the Survival Strap can be used a hundred different ways. Use it as a camera strap or to build a makeshift tent. Whatever you may use it for, just be sure you have it. Check out the latest collection of Survival Straps to kickstart your New Year. If you’re still not convinced that the Survival Strap is a must have in 2016, be sure to take a look at the variety of ways the Survival Strap can make a difference in your life this year.

With the New Year rolling in, it’s time to start making some changes. The easiest one to make is to get moving. If you find yourself struggling to find a reason to explore the great outdoors, try any of the products listed above. Arm yourself with waterproof shoes, invest in a new camera for photography, and play it safe with the Survival Strap. The military grade paracord bracelet is there to protect you during times of need, and will be there to ensure you have a great year in 2016.

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