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The Customer is Always Right!

It’s 2017 and Survival Straps is celebrating 10 years of providing paracord products to the most wonderful customers across the nation!  While we have learned much throughout these years of service, one of the most important is our customers are always right!  We are incredibly thankful for your feedback, product suggestions, loyalty, and support!


Thank you for your feedback!

Most feedback we receive from customers is positive; however, on occasion we received “suggestive” feedback.  We always love to hear from happy customers, but are grateful as well for customers that provide critiques on the products they receive.  This has helped us grow and improve!

Thank you for your product suggestions!

We receive phone calls and emails on a daily basis providing us with new product suggestions.  Keep the suggestions coming!  We listen.  In the last year, we have added additional Bullet Collection products, increased our Lanyard Collection, and added a Limited Edition and Elite Collection….just to mention a few!

Thank you for your loyalty!

“These are top quality pieces!  I have 3 of their thin blue line bracelets!”  ~ Jerry S.

“My son just got his new medical bracelet in the mail. This is his second one but only because I changed my #. The first one is still in excellent condition after 3 years. Survival Straps are our favorite!!!!!”  ~Alice S.

Thank you for your support!

“I've ordered a lot of these straps. Christian straps for sure. Keep giving them away. Praise Jesus. Just ordered this new one (Shield of Faith) in brass. Can't wait to receive it!  Plus one already in process. This company is right on every time. Will not buy anywhere else. Love you guys and always praying for your success. God bless this company.”  ~ Thomas M. 

“The Black Diamond Helo Rescue Bracelet sets a nice contrast against my stainless Rolex GMT Master-II. The new bracelet truly is badass!”  ~ Adam R.

“Received mine today. Absolutely amazing!  Love it and worth the money!!” ~ Duane S.

Survival Straps maintains its beliefs:

  • Owning what we do and building the highest quality, toughest, coolest, expedition-ready gear.
  • Making our products right here in America.
  • Being a Family Style run business.
  • Supporting the brave Men and Women in uniform who keep us free and safe.

It has been our pleasure to provide you with ever expanding collections.  Whether you are an outdoorsman wanting to make sure you are always equipped with our survival gear in case of an emergency, a patient in need of customized medical alert products, or a Survival Strap’s fan loving our original statement pieces, we are proud to be in such fine company.  We thank you for your continued support and look forward to the next 10 years!  Thank you for always being right!

By Pamela Naumann | | Customer Service, Made In America, Survival Straps |
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