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Master-at-Arms Petty Officer 3rd Class, Kirk Lites

We love the Survival Stories customers send into us about the many incredible ways they have used their Survival Straps gear.  Here’s a great story from Master-at-Arms Petty Officer 3rd Class, Kirk Lites, of how his Survival Strap helped him out!


My name is Kirk Lites.  I am currently serving in the United States Navy as a Master-at-Arms, and am currently located in Sicily, Italy.  I ordered a Survival Strap bracelet from your company about a month ago and was actually excited to be able to use it a few days ago.  Here is the story as to why I broke the bracelet down:

It all started as a regular day at work, get up before the sun, arm up, take over the watch at the main gate here on base.  About 2 hours into our shift my supervisor began to have trouble opening a drawer full of M9s in our weapons safe.  After about an hour of pulling and prying on the drawer to little or no avail, we had to call the duty armorer (the safe expert) to see if there was anything he would be able do to get this drawer open.  He arrived and he again tried pulling and prying, event went so far as to borrow as ASP baton from another sentry to lodge in the drawer for leverage to pry it open.  Still nothing.  He takes a step back, scratches his head and says “You know, we could really use some 550 paracord right about now.”   Lucky us because I carry 2 of your straps in my duty bag.  I say to him “I actually have some in a bracelet that I ordered from survivalstraps.com!”  We went back and forth for a second about how he didnt want to break up my bracelet, and I explained to him your websites policy. Finally he gave in and allowed me to use my bracelet.  Once we got the cord out and ready to go The duty armorer, myself, and another gate sentry all 3 began to pull on the weapons drawer and after 4 good tugs the drawer slid open and we were able to continue our daily duties as gate sentries.  The drawer actually had an M9 handgun lodged between the top of the safe and a hinge on the back side of the drawer.  We may have damaged the weapon, but all in all, your bracelet kept us from having to take apart the safe as well as the drawer to remove the weapon that was stuck!

Thanks for your support of the military and a quality bracelet!!

Very respectfully,

Kirk E. Lites, Jr. “

Have you used your survival strap? Send us your story and a picture of how you’ve used your Survival Straps gear and we’ll replace it for free (shoot us an email at stories@survivalstraps.com)!

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