Leatherback gear tactical one bulletproof backpack review.

Overview Leatherback Gear’s Tactical One Bulletproof Backpack has numerous characteristics that are manufactured to protect lives. The two bulletproof panel inserts one at the front and the other one at the end are covered inside of the backpack so that you can walk around safeguarded without anyone actually observing. If you need to deploy it … Read more

Mpac military tactical backpack review

Overview Recently, there are numerous packs in the industry that it’s challenging to go through every one of them. The increased recognition of ultralight hiking has created many incentives for pack makers to produce lightweight and lighter packs. Except that in an attempt to decrease their total base weight, most of these backpacks forfeit longevity. … Read more

Hill people gear recon kit bag review.

Overview Hill People Gear retains a line of what they name Kit Bags. A Hill People Gear or HPG Kit Bag, is an elegant pouch you put on your chest. It runs solidly with four 1.5-inch belts crisping the bag to your chest, just of which one possesses a fastex clasp while the other three clasps … Read more

Skinner HTF Tactical Garment Bag Teotwawki SHTF Review

Introduction Whether you are a survivalist, law enforcement agent, prepper, or outdoor explorer, people would always view you as a threat once they see you with a weapon. Weapons (especially guns) might have become a normal thing in our society; however, people still subconsciously recognize that guns could potentially end their lives. This is why … Read more

5.11 Rush Moab 10 Backpack Review

Overview Military-grade backpacks are one of the best sellers online; they are known for heavy-duty construction, durability, and fantastic sleek design. Out of thousands of these bags, only a few are quite extraordinary due to excellent brand reputation and top-quality materials – 5.11 Apparel is one of those brands. In this 5.11 Rush Moab 10 … Read more

Maxpedition Typhoon Backpack Review

Introduction Consumers buy products because they are convinced that those products will make their life more comfortable at that moment and in the long-term. One popular product that has made our lives easier is Everyday Carry bags (popularly known as EDC bags). EDC bags are designed to allow you to carry all the items that … Read more

Evatac Combat Bag Review

Overview If you pick up your mobile device right now and search for survival gear on the internet, there are a couple of things you will find. Some of these things are essentials because there is no way you won’t need them in your adventure. At the same time, you may not need some of … Read more