Ontario Rat 2 Review

Introduction People who love exploring the outdoors and engaging in handiwork will know the importance of having many tools. When you have many random tools, you can always solve immediate problems. If you have a hunting box, toolbox, or any other equipment collection box, then you should have a lightweight pocket knife in that box. … Read more

What is a 550 Paracord?

Overview On so many occasions, you may have seen paracords mentioned in the military or as outdoor gear; well, it is a survival tool. Paracords are designed to provide tactical needs when faced with emergencies. This cord’s history goes way back to World War II when used as parachutes for soldiers. Today, they are made … Read more

Leatherman Micra Review

Overview What do you have in your pockets every day? Is there anything different from your mobile phone or a bunch of keys? Do you know you could have a set of hand tools in them without feeling a thing at all? These tools will always come in useful whenever you need them, as long … Read more

How to Survive Without Electricity – Top Tips

Introduction Over the centuries, human beings have evolved, and we have come up with some impressive innovations and discoveries. However, the best invention we have come up with is the discovery of electricity. In the first world, electricity is seen as a necessity of life. According to statistics, 85 percent of Americans cannot live for … Read more

Emmrod fishing pole Review

Description In spite of its small stature, this rod doesn’t let down when it comes to action. With it in tow, you can throw as far out as six feet. When you grab a fish, the rod performs an excellent duty of regulating tension. You’ll note that it’s exhibiting a built-in spring. The rod fraction … Read more

Leatherman free t4 review.

Overview The Leatherman FREE T4 closes the gap between ultralight backpacking knives and big around-the-house multitools. It loads a normal hiker’s daily carry wants into a small and portable seven-tool box that appears and feels greatly like an ancestral Swiss Army knife. Lot of the tools are manufactured to be versatile. The FREE T4 comprises a normal screwdriver which … Read more

How to Survive Mass Extinction

Introduction Every living element on earth obeys one universal biological law; everything dies. Human beings have been trying to find the solution to death for decades, but the answer to that question has evaded us continuously. It is not only the living elements on earth that are subject to this law; the planet itself has … Read more