Gerber Effect Military Maintenance Review

Overview The Gerber eFECT Military Maintenance Tool is a 6+ tool pouch machine manufactured to service the AR15/M16/M4 rifle. Dissimilar other multitools, the Gerber eFECT is missing the conventional suspects of knife blade, pliers, saw, file, bottle opener, Phillips’s screwdriver, scissors, bit kit, pocket clip, wire cutter, and lot more.  In a summary, the Gerber … Read more

How to Evade and Escape Tracking Dogs

Introduction Dogs are often regarded as man’s best friend. Amongst other animals, they make a great companion. They have adorable licks, cuddly head turns, and quirks. The reverse is when they are trained for a specific act such as tracking dogs, watchdogs, and the likes, whereby they now pose a threat to someone that is … Read more

How to Survive an Economic Collapse

Overview Every country faces its own problems – for some, it is insecurity and unemployment; for others, poverty is the order of the day. However, one of the commonest issues is an economic meltdown, which affects business and citizens of such a country. When a nation goes into recession, things get a lot difficult, and … Read more

How to Survive and Escape a Riot Without a Scratch?

Introduction In recent times, a riot has been a rampant issue. The rate at which riots occur in a year is quite alarming. It usually gets intense every time it starts with more people involved. This leads to more destruction of life and properties due to more violent attacks. If a riot should break out, … Read more

What are the Best Guard Dogs?

Introduction This year we saw a significant rise in the demand for domesticated animals. This happened because people were locked down at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and loneliness is bound to happen within those circumstances. Domesticated animals like dogs and cats are extremely loyal, and they are cute creatures. Statistics also show that … Read more

Leatherman Free P2 Review

Overview Sometimes, what you need is a piece of handy tools to help you get through your day. For someone who does a lot of cutting, and unwinding, having a plier or cutter on you at all times is appropriate. However, they could be a weight you don’t always want to carry; thus, you are … Read more

Spyderco Sage 2 Review

Introduction If you are a survivalist, then you should have many tools for many different reasons. One of the more important tools you should have is a small, high-quality everyday carry knife. This knife will come in handy in different scenarios, and you would want one built to retain edge sharpness. If you are looking … Read more

Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0 Review

Introduction If you consider all your body parts carefully, you would know that one of the most important parts is the eye. As an outdoor lover or a mechanical worker, you should do everything to protect your eyes from harm. One of the ways you can do this is by buying and using safety glasses. … Read more

Leatherman crunch review.

Overview Leatherman’s Crunch is an unusual aged prototype multi-tool that captions Vise-Grip-style closing up pliers that can clasp onto work materials up to 1-inch wide. In accumulation to the Leatherman Crunch, many additional locking pliers-style multi-tools were formulated and manufactured in the past, the Leatherman Crunch is the exclusively closing up pliers’ multi-tool that is yet, developed … Read more

How to Clean a Gun

Introduction One of the chores we often put off is the maintenance of our firearm. The first rule in using and owning a gun is Safety! Safety!! Safety!!! Since a gun is a necessary evil. Cleaning a gun is one major part of reducing accidental discharge. Cleaning of a gun is not with the sole … Read more