LifeStraw personal water filter review.

Overview A sure-fire way to harm any camping trip is to get with a water-borne infection like Salmonella, E. coli, or even Giardia from not appropriately screening your water. You should constantly have entry to prudent, clean drinking water when moving outside and it should be one of your important trip items when expending moment in the … Read more

V line brute gun safe review

Overview The latest design Brute super duty fast access pistol box from V-Line is now available. The “BRUTE” is the ideal answer for preserving personal items and firearms secure and out of the palms of intruders. It’s made of rigid 10ga wire. When bolted down to a solid surface, the steel with an overlapping lid … Read more

Mora Garberg Review

Introduction Survivalists are known for taking proactive steps so they can be fully prepared in any situation. They actively prepare for high-tension situations like natural disasters and global pandemics and prepare for day-to-day problems. If you want to be always prepared, you must acquire basic equipment built to serve different purposes. One of such equipment … Read more

SOG PowerAssist Multitool Review

Introduction One of the features that separates outdoor explorers and survivalists, and other folks is their possession of tools. Most explorers have many tools for many purposes, and this is appropriate. However, it is uncomfortable to transport many tools every time you want to venture outdoors. You would need a large toolbox or more than … Read more

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review

Overview An outdoor enthusiast or a survivalist always knows the importance of a backpack. As inconsequential as it may look, it is necessary to have, for an exciting outdoor experience. It makes an adventure less-stressful in certain cases, especially when you have to deal with packing other survival gears. There are different types of backpacks; … Read more

Cold Steel Srk Review

Elk ridge er a003 folding knife Review Sometimes, you will find survival tools used in the military because of its immense benefits. For instance, paracords are good for many survival purposes; however, military men find it also useful to hold guns and perform heavy-duty tasks. Not to dwell so much on paracords, another relatable option … Read more

Survivor filter review

Overview Whenever it relates to disaster preparedness, among the most significant factors to remember is water. Freshwater supply is essential for life, but sometimes it is ineffectively accessible in most recreational and city areas. During an urgent condition, there could be a necessity to turn at unhygienic water sources which only heating or a reliability … Read more

Kabar Mule Review

Overview Having a good knife is a big flex. There is literally nothing you cannot accomplish with a knife branded with top-quality and excellent performance. Unfortunately, not many have been lucky to find the right choice for survival situations, hence a guide. Sometimes, it’s not what someone tells you about a knife but what the … Read more

SOG Folding Shovel Review

Introduction Survivalists and outdoor explorers always require a lot of tools. Tools are necessary, but sadly, they don’t come cheap. If you are to buy all your outdoor equipment at once, you will spend a considerable amount of money. However, one of the ways you can effectively handle your tool problem is by buying products … Read more

Surviveware small first aid kit Review

Overview Surviveware is a simple, family-owned company that Emergency responders, firemen, soldiers, athletic directors, and thrill-seekers all over the world rely on. This design’s pockets are specifically numbered, making it easier to identify what you want in an accident without having to search into every single corner. In an accident, confusion could get the greatest … Read more