Leatherman free p4 review.

Overview One of the USP’s of the new Free P4 multi-tool from Leatherman is its one-handed usage. It’s earned that distinctive Leatherman appearance, but presently, with the assistance of a little magnets, and particularly designed hinges and bolts, you can throw this open promptly and effortlessly, and retain unexpected use of the inner pliers. Therefore, assuming, your … Read more

S&W 15 22 vs Ruger 10 22 Review

Overview While comparing the S&W 15 22 and Ruger 10 22, we look at both firearms; their features, descriptions, pros, and cons. For the S&W 15 22, the lower receiver consists of what you would normally find in an M&P 15, and the upper receiver is made up of the barrel, the charging handle, and … Read more

Sawyer Mini Water Filter Filtration Review

Introduction When people plan their trips, they like to organize and package everything they would need for that particular outing. However, if you are an outdoor explorer, you would know the importance of being prepared for every scenario. You might be faced with unexpected challenges on the field, and you would have to adapt. When … Read more

Magpul MBUS Pro Iron Sights Review

Overview Your rifles deserve something special for complete functionality, even if it involves you going back to being traditional. Sometimes, it’s not about how old an accessory is but its role in the efficiency of another tool or device that depends on it. That being said, sharpshooters that need good accuracy and an impressive performance … Read more

Leatherman Free T2 Review

Overview Recently, multitools have become a thing because they make life easier and better. Today, most people don’t have to go around with a couple of hand tools to get things done; there is much dependence on lightweight multitools to do the work. However, what becomes a problem is finding the best place or brand … Read more

How to Guide to Survive Extreme Winter

Introduction The weather is always changing, and every part of the year gives us something different. We enjoy the summer, fall, spring, and autumn during the year, and as the season draws to a close, we are blessed with one of the most wonderful sights of the year; Winter. Winter is beautiful, and families in … Read more