How To Camouflage your Face

Introduction In a survival situation, particularly in an unfriendly climate, you need to think about disguising yourself, your gear, and your movement. When you camouflage, you are doing two things at the same time. It might mean the distinction between survival and capture by the foe. With this in mind, one way you could successfully … Read more

What are All the Uses of Paracord?

Overview During WWII, Paracord, also called Parachute Cord or 550 Cord, gained wide recognition due to its usefulness in holding and securing weapons. It was highly considered because of its strength and durability. It served as a replacement for cotton and leather boot laces as a military-grade tool previously used for cordage. A few years … Read more

How to Disappear Completely: Vanish Without a Trace

Overview At a point in time, challenges in life have made most people think about disappearing without the hope of being found. Unfortunately, not everyone has the gut to leave everything behind – their friends, family, businesses, etc. They think it is not doable. On the contrary, it is. Leaving without a trace means sacrificing … Read more

Magpul armorers wrench review.

Overview While this wrench may not possess as several tools as extra alternatives, it more than ad lib for it in build quality. However, it’s created in America as well. Magpul’s Armorer Wrench is manufactured to survive they even augmented two flat categories to be utilized as a hammer. Moving back to the structure, Magpul … Read more

Daisy B52 Slingshot Review

Overview In survival, you have to do all it takes to protect yourself, including getting weapons and ammunition. Unfortunately, you may not have the chance to use some of these weapons on predators depending on distance, speed, and accessibility. For instance, handguns would run out of juice, and survival knives won’t give you much advantage … Read more

Aqua Quest Defender Tarp Review

Overview Camping is fun when you have all the necessary gears you need for a beautiful time with friends and family. There is often a problem of what to take along; unfortunately, you may forget some of the most critical things with different opinions. In this case, a tarp is one of them that needs … Read more

Gerber centre drive review.

Overview For several expert users, the multi-tool is a highly beneficial portion of their day. But for several others, it’s an elegant plaything that holds up an entire amount of equipment we never utilize. Minus a distrust, the tools we utilize most on out multi-tools are the pliers, the knife, and sometimes the screwdriver. The … Read more

Crovel Elite Tool Review

Overview Do you need an incredible multitool on your next survival adventure? Many options are available, from knives to axes and many more; the Crovel Elite Tool seems like one of the bests to choose from. Crovel tool is a combination of Crowbar and Shovel; thus, you can only expect this tool to perform in … Read more

How to Build a Long-Term Survival Shelter

Overview Imagine you had to be forced out of your current location due to a crisis or disaster, is there another shelter option you can think of? For a survivalist or prepper who wants to get through difficult times, learning how to build a long-term survival shelter is a significant skill. Having a good knowledge … Read more