Windham weaponry r16ftt 9mm carbine review

Overview Windham Weaponry’s new 9 mm GMC pistol-caliber carbine exemplifies both the fun and utility that PCC platforms have to offer. Thanks to the bolt hold-open feature, it handles and operates just like a rifle-caliber AR platform while costing less to operate than larger caliber models. When loaded properly, this carbine is also an ideal … Read more

Windham weaponry flip-up sight review

Overview The AR-15/AR-10 system has a positive surplus of older model products. There might even be far too many, particularly when you’re just really started with the AR system. Uppers, lowers, rails, grips, lamps, sights, flash suppressors, older model triggers, stocks, and other accessories are all available. Although this scenario is helpful to somebody who … Read more

Smith and Wesson Governor Pistol Review

Introduction Personal safety is important for everybody, and it is even more important for outdoor explorers and survivalists. If you are the kind of person that is always on the move, you are more likely to come across attackers. You would need to be always prepared, and you might not always have the time. If … Read more

Survival gun the Ruger Alaskan review

Overview This is a rifle that you would use for hunting in some of the harshest conditions available. What really makes this rifle great is the non-rotating Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor. The ruger Alaskan weighs eight pounds and has an overall length of 42 inches, a matte stainless finish, a windage-adjustable shallow V-notch rear sight, … Read more

Sig Sauer P320 Pistol Handgun Concealed Carry Review

Introduction One of the crucial tools that a survivalist should possess is a sidearm. Survivalism is all about protecting yourself from unfavorable future circumstances, and that problem might be an attacker on the street. If you want to buy a sidearm pistol, it would be best to buy one uniquely designed for concealed carry. If … Read more

Gum creek vehicle handgun mount review.

Overview The Georgia-based firm has emerged with what can simply be described as a gorgeous explanation to holding while on the road with its Vehicle Mount. It’s an inexpensive, spontaneous and, most greatly, helpful way to keep a sidearm wary, also ready. The Gum Creek Vehicle Mount is unsophisticated itself. The American-made appliance is a … Read more

Sig Sauer P227 Nitron Pistol Gun Review

Introduction When we want to buy a product, we mainly ascertain the quality of that product by the caliber of people that utilize it. Suppose you subscribe to this point of view, then what better pistol to buy than the one used by security agencies in the United States of America. This P227 Nitron Pistol … Read more

Sig Sauer MPX C 9MM Review

Introduction There are some hunters and survivalists who use exclusively when it comes to guns, and they are some that are designated for law enforcement agencies only. However, other rifles manage to sit on the fence. This Sig Sauer MPX C 9MM Sub-Machine Gun is one of such pistols. It comes with multiple unique features, … Read more

Glock 42 Model G42 Review

Overview Sometimes, self-defense requires relying on more than physical skills to survival; you could decide to use weapons depending on the gravity of the situation. At some point, knives were the real deal because it is an important survival tool for performing different tasks. Recently, pistols were introduced for those who cannot handle survival knives … Read more

Magpul PMAG D 60 Drum Magazine AR m4 Mag576 Review

Introduction When it comes to guns and hunting accessories, there are multiple factors you have to consider. One of the most important factors is the magazine. Magazines hold the rounds, and they are ultimately responsible for how many shots a ranger can take at a particular time. This means that the higher the capacity round … Read more