14 Best Paring Knives in 2021

Mercer Culinary Millenia 3.5-inch paring knife Check Latest Price Kuhn Rikon Straight Paring Knife Check Latest Price WUSTHOF Gourmet Three-Piece Paring Set Check Latest Price Every vocation has its own set of tools. Engineers have their spanners and toolbox, doctors have their operating kits, accountants have their software, and chefs have their utensils. Preparing a ... Read more

Utah knife works survivor Tom brown tracker review

Overview When heading on your following adventurous activities, the TOPS Tom Brown Tracker could be a helpful device. This blade is created to cut and saw its way into everything with a dark lubrication-covered 1095 Carbon Steel blade and a black linen Micarta handle. The huge tang knife cuts across tree body parts with convenience … Read more

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife Review

Introduction People who like outdoor activities (camping, hiking, hunting, fishing) realize the importance of having portable and effective tools in their proximity. These tools should always be packed and loaded anytime you are planning your outdoor trips. One of the most important tools to have around you is your knife. Knives serve multiple purposes, and … Read more

Fallkniven pc folding knife Review

Overview The Fallkniven PC is a contemporary folding knife, with some prime details. Undoubtedly, there is not a tintack so you need to unwrap the blade with both hands utilizing the nail notches on both flanks of the blade for right and left-handers, and there is not a compartment bolt a belt sheath is a very fitting … Read more

Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife Bushcraft 95fbz Review

Overview A survival gear that doesn’t stress you enough to carry around is a Knife. They are quite handy due to their varying sizes, shapes, designs, etc. Usually, there are various types of survival knives; however, the folding knife is the most popular due to its usefulness in outdoor occasions, like hiking, camping, backpacking, bushcrafting. … Read more

Wilderness tool condor tool knife review

Overview The Wilderness Tool is constructed with 420 HC stainless steel, which provides increased resistance to corrosion and allows the instrument to keep its sharper edge for longer. A dark coating covers the large part of the metal layer adding another coat of coverage to the underlaying metal. There is no coating on the sharp … Read more

Morakniv Camp Axe Mora Outdoor 2021 Knife Combo Review

Introduction If you love spending time outdoors, you know the importance of having many handy tools to serve multiple purposes. When you are outdoors, you might need to make a fire and not always have processed firewood nearby. In a situation like this, having a strong camping ax will serve your needs perfectly. Furthermore, you … Read more

Fallkniven kk knife fixed blade Review

Overview The mood of modernizing creative layouts from the yore, the inferred folks at Fallkniven Knives in Sweden give what is practically a restricted blade knife mainly manufactured for purse carry. Although it does not sound extreme, the theory of holding up a FBPK or overhauled blade pocket knife does need a difference in carry … Read more

Fallkniven F1 Survival Knife Review

Overview While obviously minor than its popular big brother the Fallkniven A1, the F1 is no limited the fighter.  With a laminated steel blade and extensive full tang, the F1 gives the satisfaction in hand that several other survival knives can just assert in advertisements.  However, it is the steel that puts this knife distant from … Read more