Survival Straps Elite

The Survival StrapsĀ® Elite collection takes our craftsmanship and our products to a whole new level. Below you will find some amazing higher end statement pieces that are handmade using premium materials such as solid brass, copper, sterling silver, and 14 carat gold, matched with authentic, military type III 550 paracord. Each product is an original design created with extreme attention to quality and detail. Suffice it to say, there is a lot of blood, sweat and love that goes into producing each and every piece we offer.  Check out the “how we do it” link at the bottom of the page which visually gives some insight on what it takes to make each one. We are proud to say these luxury pieces are built by human hands right here in America, not by some machine in a foreign land. This is not an easy thing to accomplish, but it is the way we believe in doing things. We are blessed to work with the most amazing craftsman who are at the top of their art. There is really no one better. While Survival Straps prides itself on offering quality product options for everyone, the Survival Straps Elite collection is meant for those who appreciate unique, premium quality statement pieces with cutting edge designs and supreme Handmade American artistry and craftsmanship. All the items in this collection are truly amazing and we are very proud to offer them to you. 
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