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Hook & Line Collection

We are very fired up to bring you the Hook & Line collection! These high end pieces of jewelry were inspired by the countless hours men and women have spent in the magnificent outdoors chasing fish in the lakes, streams, rivers & oceans. Survival Straps® has partnered with one of America's top, outside the box, jewelry designers (the same partner that we worked with to design the Helo Rescue Bracelet) to create these fantastic pieces. These are extremely high quality unique statement pieces that speak to your love of the water! However, they are not just for those who love to fish. These are great looking pieces of jewelry that anyone can wear. 

Each piece in this collection is made from many custom fabricated marine grade 316 stainless steel swivels that are polished as jewelry. They are extremely strong and durable and we use a stainless lobster clasp for the closure. These are extremely cool pieces that bring to mind those magnificent days on the water making memories. 

They are available now as necklaces and bracelets in custom sizes. If you love the water, you re going to love this new collection!

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