Kyle + Littlefield Memorial Run

NEW limited edition products featuring the Punisher and the Bonefrog logo!

Honor and pay tribute to the memory of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his best friend Chad Littlefield by purchasing the limited edition products below. Survival Straps is extremely honored to be a part of this amazing project to memorialize these American Heroes and help carry on the charity work they were so passionate about. Everyone in America can participate and show support by purchasing the Kyle + Littlefield Memorial Run Survival Straps® products below. These products link all of us who are committed to honoring and supporting America’s Warriors. Each product has the following:

  1. Every limited edition product has its own unique & engraved serial number on the back of the dog tag. Buy yours now to get the lowest serial number!
  2. Each product dons the Kyle + Littlefield Memorial Run logo utilizing either the "punisher" or "bonefrog" logo.
  3. Each product has a very cool & unique look.
  4. 25% of the purchase price is donated to the Chris Kyle + Chad Littlefield Memorial Run.
Chris Kyle

The goal of the Kyle + Littlefield Memorial Run is to:

  1. Honor the memory of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.
  2. Raise awareness for Veteran’s issues including PTSD.
  3. Continue to raise money for the Foundations that Chris himself started and those he was personally very close to.

While we hope to have record attendance this year, we understand most reading this will not be able to be there.  However, you can do your part and support the Kyle + Littlefield Memorial Run now by purchasing a Survival Straps® product for yourself and someone you love. This is about “One team one fight". Everyone in America can take part in this event and honor America’s Heroes. Purchase the gear below, and be a part of this amazing tribute to Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

25% of product purchase price will be donated to the Kyle + Littlefield Memorial Run

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