Orlando Strong

On June 12 in Orlando, 49 Americans were murdered and over 50 were wounded by a cowardly terrorist. This was the worst terrorist attack here at home since 9/11. Our sympathy, thoughts, prayers and support goes out to the victims, those that were wounded, their families, and the first responders who ran into that nightmare scene to help.

All Americans need to band together and show support for Orlando, as well as battle terrorism here at home. It doesn’t matter what background we come from, what our beliefs are, or what culture differences we have in our own communities — we are all Americans and we need to support each other in times of need. It is also crucial for all of us to stay vigilant in the fight against terrorism here at home so we may carry on our freedom and our way of life. We all need to get involved.

The products below show support for the people in Orlando. 25% of the purchase price will be donated to oneorlando.org. This is the fund set up by the mayor of Orlando to directly help those in need from this tragedy. Get yourself one of the products and wear it proudly to show your support for Orlando and that we are together as one, as Americans, in the fight against terrorism in any form.

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