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What if my wrist is in between sizes?

If your wrist is in between sizes we would recommend ordering one of our Adjustable closure type options and rounding down to the closest size available. Any of our adjustable closure types have the ability to be made ½” larger, simply by adjusting the closure hole used.  If you are ordering a Plastic Side Release buckle, we recommend rounding up to the closest larger size. For example: If you measure your wrist at a 7 ¼” and are ordering an adjustable closure type we would recommend ordering a 7”. If you are ordering a Plastic Side Release buckle we recommend ordering a 7 ½” because it is not adjustable. 
Which cord is which?
The inside cord is going to be the predominate color in the bracelet. The edge cord will border the inside cord. And lastly, the optional center line is woven down the middle of the inside cord.
Color Placement within our Bracelet
Inside Cord Color: Royal Blue Edge Cord Color: Black Center Cord (optional): Neon Orange Inside Cord Color: Camo, Desert Edge Cord Color: Black
What do I do when I can’t find my size on the drop box?
Every Survival Straps Bracelet is built to order to fit your exact wrist size. The smallest bracelet we are able to build is for a size 5”wrist. When measuring your wrist for your bracelet please measure your wrist nice and tight with no slack what so ever compensated in your measurement. We will take care of building a bracelet that will fit your wrist perfectly. If after re-measuring your wrist the size is still not an option, simply place the order over the web and immediately email customerservice@survivalstraps.com the order number and the size you would like to change your bracelet to. Please keep in mind we are only capable of making bracelets in ½” Increments. See above information if you are in between sizes. 
Can I get the Strap wet?
Para Cord is very durable material, and our products are made to last. We love to hear our customers put them on and never take them off. Any of our products can get wet, as you can wear, or deploy our products in any type of condition. 
Can I clean my Survival Strap?
Submerge the product in warm soapy water using a small amount of mild detergent, then with a stiff brush (toothbrushes work the best) toughly scrub the bracelet clean. Rinse with clean water and let the bracelet air dry.  We do  not recommend placing the bracelet in the dryer. 
Does the watch strap come with the watch itself?
No. We provide just the watch strap, we do not provide the watch itself.
Will my watch fit a Survival Strap watch strap?
The Survival Straps Watch Strap can fit most faces with lug widths of 22mm (to clarify those are the pins running North and South of the Watch Face). The band does fit better on a larger watch suited for diving or hiking. We have found many other watch face styles that have fit our watch Straps, simply be sure that the detachable pins are straight, and there is enough room for the Para Cord to fit between the pins and the watch face. Some of the most popular and effective watch faces to use for our watch bands are Timex, Luminox and Suunto. 
How do you deploy my Survival Bracelet if I need to use it in an emergency?
Every product comes with an owner’s manual that provides instructions on how to deploy the Survival Straps Products. On the reverse side of the product there are two ends of Para cord woven into place. Pull these ends back through the piece of Para Cord that holds them in place. Once you have them out, make sure that you have two spate ends. Begin to unravel the survival strap by pulling the single strands in the center. 

Order/Shipping Questions

How long will it take to receive my order?
Please refer to the Shipping page.
How do I make a change to my order after the order has been placed? 
We typically start processing your order the same or next business day, depending on what time the order was placed. Please email customerservice@survivalstraps.com right away with any changes that need to be made and we will do our best to catch it before it goes out the door. Enter “ORDER CHANGE” in the subject field of the email and be sure to include the name the order was placed under, order number, and change that needs to be made.
When sending a soldier care package, what do I enter for the shipping address?
If you are sending the package to a specific soldier please enter the soldier’s address in the text boxes provided when you first select the care package product. If you wish for the care package to be donated to a random soldier you will leave these boxes blank. Once you get to checkout enter your address in both the billing and shipping fields. Don’t worry, it will not be sent to you. We hand address the labels for our care packages and it will either be sent to your soldier at the address you previously specified, or it will be sent with the batch going to our next unit.
How do I redeem a Gift Certificate?
Click on “Login” in the top right hand corner of our website. Here you will be prompted to sign in or register. You will need an account to activate the Gift Card so please register or log in if you are already a member of the family. Once you access your account you will be brought to your dashboard. On the left hand side you will see a box labeled “My Account”, under this simply select “Gift Card” and paste your code into the box before clicking on “Redeem Gift Card”. Once this is clicked your Gift Card will be turned into store credit! At this point you can peruse the website and add the items you like into your cart and proceed through checkout. At the billing section you will be promoted to use either a credit card, Paypal or store credit (select store credit!).

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