Our Guarantee

Straight Shooter Guarantee

Out of the thousands of places you could spend your money, we are thankful you chose us to do business with.  We want every customer to be 100% happy with the product and the service received from Survival Straps.  If have any issues at all, just shoot us an email, or call us.  We will get the issue sorted out and get you taken care of lickidy split!

“If You Use It, We’ll Replace It” Policy

We know.  Survival Straps look incredible, and most people get attached to them.   When a circumstance presents itself in which you should really unravel it to do some good, or to save yourself, people sometimes think twice!  We don’t want you to do this.  If you need it, we want you to unravel it and use it!  Seriously.  We will make you a new one.  Here is the deal:
  • If you use your Survival Strap in an emergency situation, send us your story and a picture of how it was used to [email protected].
  • We will send you a new one for the cost of shipping.  What kind of emergency? Well, just about anything. 
    • If you make a tourniquet to stop you from bleeding after an airplane accident.  You get a new Survival Strap.
    • If you Unravel your Survival Strap to make a leash and capture a mean dog.  You get a new Survival Strap. 
    • If you are helping your friend move and you show up and he doesn’t even have any rope, but because you’re a good friend you unravel your Survival Strap so you can tie the couch to the top of the car.  You get a new Survival Strap. 
You get the idea.  Use it in an emergency or use it to help someone else, and you get a new one. Please click for Replacement Form.
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