MSR Dromedary Bladder Review – Detailed Guide, Tips, Tricks & More

In even the most severe circumstances, MSR Dromedary Bags are best known for their durability and unshakeable efficiency and constitute the base of the hydration frame of MSR. Made from breakage-safe Cordura and coated with edible polyurethane, both frozen and hot water can be managed by MSR Dromedary Bags, together with quite about every kind of violence you can bring them on.

MSR Dromedary Bags make it easy and secure to carry and retain water. The bags are entirely foldable for optimum carrying effectiveness, making them suitable for anything from mountain to road explorations. The flexible cap makes you quickly fill, sip and pour.

Further usability is added by attachments like the MSR Hydration Pack. Perimeter webbing facilitates easy mounting and hanging of the bag.

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MSR Dromedary Bladder Review

Msr Dromedary Bladder Review


For countryside travels and trips, the MSR Dromedary Bag is a reliable water container. Accessible in three sizes, Four liters, Six liters, or Ten liters, for your desires concerning the water supply.

Fill it with water from the tap or a filtered source, heat it, and pour it inside. The inside of the pack is lined with nutrition for a pleasant quality, while the outside is heavy-duty to avoid breakage. The low-profile cap will not get in your way and will allow you to load, sip and pour without difficulty.



The MSR dromedary reservoir is marketed in significantly more comprehensive storage volumes, two liters, four liters, and ten liters, owing to its prominence as a water storage tank.

The MSR dromedary reservoir has a broader than typical design, unlike many hydration tanks with a long and slender structure, which sadly means that it may not go into all bags.

This is not, nevertheless, the end of the planet, given the existence of its application. As a water tank, it is most expected to lay anywhere in the camp instead of moving with you in your bag.


Clearly, you should be searching for the perfect ways to transport water to preserve the water safe and in the tank. The MSR Dromedary Bag was equipped with a solid one thousand Denier material.

The scale used to calculate the density of fabrics is Denier. So, the bigger the Denier, the extra durable and robust it is. One thousand is at the outer top of the scale, which offers you the most nuanced performance you can expect in a durable outdoor material.

The MSR Dromedary Bag can withstand the harsh situations of cold conditions. Although it will not prevent the water from freezing, it will not break when the water begins to ice. So, this makes it an excellent option for colder expeditions when you need to bring water along

Adjustable water tank

Although a strong metal or plastic water container feels good in the hands, it could get a little cumbersome. Taking them about occupies much-needed room once they’re empty and sometimes adds load. This could wear you off over a difficult trip. Therefore, this water reservoir was produced by MSR to be foldable.

It is created, with cotton which makes it very small to compact and fold when not loaded with water. The nozzle is produced with solid plastic, the sole component which will not be wholly collapsed by this material. It is still tiny, nevertheless, and it should not prevent your position of it.

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  • Helpful complements which improve the event of tourism
  • Incredible practicality and flexibility because of its longevity.
  • Easy to store elsewhere when not in need
  • Easy to understand


  • Water flow maybe slow

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I clean my MSR Dromedary bladder?

Gather your materials (cleaner, brushes, plus dish soap and drying assistance) to wash the MSR dromedary bladder first. Warm water and cleaner are combined, now the system is filled. Immerse and remove, then rinse and clean. Enable to dry in the air.


Appropriate for the woods, the MSR Dromedary Pack is a flexible water storage kit. The backpack can be hanged from a tree for fast drinking water, produced with an abrasion-resistant Cordura nylon shell and webbing straps on both ends. With no problem, the food-grade polyurethane reservoir will store warm or cold waters.

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