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Customer Stories

We receive many awesome pictures and stories of how people have been using their Survival Straps™. Next time you are on an adventure and you are wearing your Survival Strap™, shoot a picture and send it to us. We would love to see your Survival Strap™ in action. You can email your pictures and stories here.

Featured Stories


Prayers for a Military Hero

On 4/7/17 my husband, a Retired Army Vietnam Veteran/Paratrooper, was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer as a result of Agent Orange exposure from his two tours in Vietnam. Up until this point in our lives, he was healthy. After serving his country for 22 years he then spent another 28 years protecting the community in which we live as an External Transportation Correctional Officer with the Department of Corrections. Our family is born again, and we know God is at the helm of our voyage. So, it is no mistake I found your company as a source of strength for my husband, myself, our daughter and friends.

I secretly ordered a bracelet for my husband, our daughter and a friend. I cannot begin to tell you the smile that graced his face as I gave him the package. For just a moment in time, I literally forgot he had cancer and so did he. He loved the bracelet and hasn't taken it off yet. He will have it on as he goes through his next rounds of chemotherapy. My sincere thanks to everyone in your company for helping to make our load just a little lighter. Never dismiss your role on this earth as it truly is the small things in life that we do for one another behind the scenes and in front that can make all the difference.

S Smith (Army Veteran)
C Smith (Army Veteran)


More Than Just Survival Gear

"We wear our Straps to honor Chief Mike McGroarty. Here in the photo we raise our glasses on 9/11 in an Irish pub in NYC. Chief McGroarty was one of the fathers of Urban Search and Rescue in this Country. "Wrote the book" in California for standards and was adopted nation wide to what the FEMA US&R program is today. Chief McGroarty trained thousands across America in US&R, ICS, and Incident Management. Chief McGroarty was involved with the Command of the 95 OKC Bombing where he ran Night Operations with FDNY Ray Downey. On 9/11 Chief McGroarty was the first FEMA US&R Commander on-scene from California and Commanded the Church Street Division teaching and Commanding at the same time. On our Straps we inscribed his words in quotes. "I'm not a Hero. I Train Hero's."  The core of instructors purchased our straps after his passing to honor and recognize his contribution to the Fire Service and the Urban Search and Rescue fields... " - Guy



After posting the above story to our Facebook page, Sue McGroarty Simonson wrote us: 

"Wearing my survival bracelet, same as the firefighter's above, in tribute to my brother, Chief Mike McGroarty, as my wet hand touches the wall by the reflection pool at the Oklahoma City Memorial joins his working hands in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing."





Survival Strap Saves Firefighter's Boot


 Nick from San Diego wrote us:

"My name is Nick and I work for San Diego County Fair. I have owned my Survival Strap for almost a year now and I got my chance to use it last week on a wildland fire. I was working the fire line on about a 40 acre fire when my boot lace burned through and broke. I usually carry and extra pair with my gear but I guess I forgot to replace it from the last time they broke. I quickly deployed my Survival Strap and cut a section off to make into a boot lace. It worked great! I wear the regular bracelet and will probably wear it forever. It exceeded all my expectations! Thank you!" 



Lifeguard Uses Survival Strap In Rescue


"Hey guys, This past weekend I had the opportunity to use my Survival Strap, which doubles as my medical alert bracelet as I am deathly allergic to peanuts and all tree nuts. I lifeguard at a beach in Rhode Island, Misquamicut Beach, and was faced with a spinal rescue recovery. Now normally a spinal injury is scary enough in itself but when rescuing a large, overweight individual in high seas, it becomes a little scarier. As I started to secure the straps around the victim, I realized the torso strap was going to come up very short. Without hesitation, I immediately took my survival strap, unwound it and slid the dog tag to one end as a clamp and tied the other end securely to the other strap. Not only did this work perfectly, I also saved the gentleman from any paralysis that may have stemmed from the accident. Anyhow, thank you for making this incredible product and allowing me to pass it on to one of my drowning victims to save his life. Truly a remarkable product that I cannot commend enough." - Ryan



James Story of Survival

I had 2 of your straps, and because I had 2...
I'm still alive.

This story comes from James in California. He is one of America's incredible Warriors who chose to join the military and fight for our freedom. We are humbled to have men like this wearing our gear and glad that it helped him get out of a rough situation. We are glad that James is home safe now. Here is his story of how he used his SurvivalStraps.

James' Story of Survival:

'Hi everybody-

I had 2 of your straps, and because I had 2... I'm still alive. I cannot give you details or too many specifics, but this is what I can tell you...

I was in Iraq and given the responsibility of providing cover for my unit on a raid. As a sniper, I chose a building that was already destroyed and hid within the rubble. I had taken out a couple insurgents before a lucky mortar shot exploded within range of my position. The blast was near enough to wound me. I was also somewhat exposed as my cover was shaken down.

While in Iraq, I wore one of your straps on each wrist (they were all black and the WIDE ones with the stainless steel clamp). I unraveled the first one, tying it on my leg above the worst wound to make a tourniquet. It stopped the bleeding. The second, I cut in half and was able to tie up some large pieces of debris to help create more cover. From this position I continued to provide covering fire for my troops as the mission was successful. We lost no one and the injuries were minimal. I was able to move on my own to rejoin my unit.

It's safe to say I might not have made it out without your straps... either by the possibility of bleeding to death or further wounds due to exposure to the enemy. In any case... I love you guys! I'm out now and home safe...I'll be strapped when they bury me...It's in the will!!! Cheers my friends!'


Survival Strap Saves Young Girl's Life

I have owed you an email for some time, I actually used my survival strap for pulling someone out of a river that was drowning on a float trip. I think you should hear the whole story.

A buddy and I were canoeing down a fork of the White River in southern MO. It's a popular float trip for college kids and families. It was just gonna be a guys weekend...low key. It was just after lunch and we were coming to a part in the river that was pretty fast moving, and there was a pretty big tree that had fallen into the center of the river. While the river wasn't super deep at this point, it was fast moving and the current around the tree was challenging to get our canoe around. What made it even crazier is that this was right after a bend in the river, so you really didn't see it until you were right on top of it. So my friend and I made it around the tree, but it wasn't easy. I don't know why, but something made us stop by the shore and take a break. Folks were getting around it OK, but there was a woman on an inner tube that didn't seem to be moving out of the way and she got stuck under one of the bigger tree branches, submerged in the river and couldn't get untangled... Honestly, I have no idea what happened next, other than I remember breaking the buckle on my Survival Strap, handing one end to by buddy and told him to hang on, jumped into the river and got her untangled from the branches that were holding her under the water. My buddy then helped pull me in with the paracord that came from the Survival Strap.

So there's the whole story... I will ALWAYS wear one of your products whenever I am doing anything in the outdoors again...

God Bless,

Mike Harper


Paracord Bracelets, Survival Gear & Survival StrapsParacord Bracelets, Survival Gear & Survival Straps



A Lasting Memory

Last summer in June we buried both of my older brothers who were killed in the line of duty. They were in the USMC. During their deployment they had each gotten separate care packages from a family friend of ours, and both of them had the Survival Strap bracelets in them. The boys kept telling me about how awesome they were and how they were so excited that the straps matched their uniforms. They decided that they were going to make sure that I got one just like theirs when they got home. That way no matter what I'd always have something to remind me of them. Well when I got news that they weren't coming home the bracelets were the last thing on my mind.

Eventually time passed and I was able to start looking through their personal effects when I was home visiting from college. While going through their things I found both of their survival straps. I keep them with me on my keys (as they are far to big for me to wear) because for me they are exactly what they wanted the survival straps to be- a constant reminder of them. I want to say thank you so much to all of those who support our troops over seas because they really do need it. I especially want to thank Survival Straps for being an organization that supports our troops, it's because of your product I have something that I can always keep with me that was a big part of my brother's lives, they never went anywhere with out their straps. They always had them with them "just in case." To most people it's just a cool bracelet but to me they symbolize a lifetime of memories. Thank you.


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