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What is Active Edge®

Where is Active Edge available?

Active Edge is exclusively available here at Survival Straps as an option on all our wearable products, at the full Active Edge website at, and to the United States Department of Defense.

How Can Active Edge benefit my dog??

The Active Edge technology works incredibly well on dogs. Aging dogs that do not get around as fast as they used to benefit the most from this technology. When you put one of our treated dog collars on your pooch, the positive affects are immediately apparent. The bottom line is that your dog will be re-energized, will feel better and may begin to act like a younger dog. Wearing this collar will improve the quality of your dogs life as he ages.

I am shocked how Active Edge is working on our Dog! He is that older, slower moving dog and has some hip problems. My brother in law was over this weekend and put his Active Edge necklace on Buca. He had heard that Active Edge is coming out with dog collars and that it can really help aging dogs. Our bedroom is upstairs and Buca has not been able to make it up there by himself in over 6 months. My husband and I were getting ready to go to dinner yesterday and it was raining. I thought I heard thunder and went to check on Buca. HE WAS COMING UP THE STAIRS! You can imagine how shocked we were.

Buca continues to wear his necklace. We now have to put a gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep him from climbing them! This week he is now walking to the mailbox with us (about 1500 feet) when, until Active Edge, he wouldn't even walk to the end of the driveway…about 50 feet! Your product is going to help so many senior pets!

- Dena M, Morgantown, PA

What is Active Edge?

Survival Straps® has obtained the exclusive worldwide rights to InBalance Technology, a scientifically proven, cutting-edge, proprietary, frequency technology developed here in America. When you order Active Edge as an option for your product it will be treated by our proprietary process that EMBEDS extremely low frequencies into the product itself.

What does it do?

When you wear an Active Edge treated product, medical experts believe that our technology safely stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which increases blood flow, reduces inflammation and gives an uptick in oxygen intake. This helps the body to perform at a more optimal level in many ways.

What are the benefits?

Over the past several years there have been clinical trials performed on over 2500 people between the ages of 18 and 82 years old. We are also currently engaged in several trials with United States Department of Defense who has replicated our test results. 90% of people tested experienced a significant increase in flexibility, endurance, strength and balance. Many people also report improved sleep and pain reduction from ailments like arthritis, headaches, and other aches and pains.

Is it safe?

Yes. There have been zero negative side affects. However, we do not recommend that pregnant women and anyone with embedded electrical medical devices such as pacemakers use this technology.

Is it still waterproof or washable?

Yes. The Active Edge treated products are still waterproof, washable and should last a lifetime, just like the non-treated products. The Active Edge treatment does not negatively affect the materials used in any way. The military paracord still has the same strength, look, feel, etc…

Is there more information?

Yes, we have a website dedicated exclusively to our Active Edge technology. Feel free to visit our Active Edge website to learn more.

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