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Double Mariners Bracelet - 4.5mm White Ice

Guy Beard

$ 425.00 
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  • The 4.5mm White Ice Double Mariner's Bracelet is an awesome piece of jewelry designed by our in house master Jeweler. The look and quality of our bracelet rivals other bracelets you would find in a high end jewelry store that cost 3 times as much (and are not nearly as unique).
  • The White Ice body gives the bracelet an incredible look while also being extremely durable. It will last forever and is a piece you can pass down for generations.
  • The clasp is a patented Mariner's Clasp®. It gives the bracelet somewhat of a nautical look. 
  • Made from marine grade 316 brushed stainless steel.
  • Upgrades in gold accents and a sapphire are available. 
  • This bracelet is waterproof, rust proof, will never chip, fade or break. It is pretty much indestructible and guaranteed for life.
  • This style of bracelet is extremely fashionable and versatile. It fits in as well with jeans and a t-shirt as it does in a suit and tie.
  • The bracelet is unisex and looks great on either men or women.
  • Available in half sizes for a custom fit.
  • The body can be slightly formed to your wrist to wear it how you like.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Buy with confidence. This is an extraordinary, high quality, statement piece. 
  • Sizing: To get the proper sizing, measure tightly around your wrist with no slack. This Bracelet is custom made to fit your wrist. We will add the appropriate amount of length to your bracelet to ensure a comfortable fit. Do NOT add any additional length to your wrist measurement or your bracelet will be too big.
  • Please keep in mind each Bracelet is hand made to order. Due to high customer demand, orders placed now will ship in approximately 2 weeks.  

For the past 10 years, Survival Straps has manufactured the highest quality paracord products here in America. We have always believed in using the best materials and putting out the highest quality product. These higher end Bracelets are no exception and take things to a whole new level. These is a true statement piece that will last forever and give you a lifetime of service.


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