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Martingale Dog Collar


$ 44.95 
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Product Information

Our NEW Martingale Dog Collars are handmade to suit your favorite pooch! They are extremely durable, functional, and stylish. This style collar slips over your dog's head, fitting loosely on the neck but tightens when it needs to. The Martingale makes it difficult for your dog to slip free, is helpful for training purposes, and is much gentler than a choke or prong collar.

Each collar is built with our 550-spec military grade paracord and uses a stainless 3 ring chain. The collar includes a stainless steel tongue in the center which is the perfect spot to attach any dog tags. A customized stainless steel dog tag, embossed with your pup’s information in case he loses his way, is available as an option. This collar is approximately ¾” wide and great for dogs of all sizes. However, if you have a large breed dog, you may prefer the larger "WIDE" Martingale Collar that is approximately 1 ¼” wide.

Want to help your dog feel AMAZING? Select the Active Edge technology option and we'll build your collar with paracord treated with our proprietary frequency technology which has many positive health benefits and will give your best friend a better quality of life. When your pooch wears the collar treated with our technology, it will help to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Most customers report that their dogs are literally acting several years younger while wearing their embedded collars.

"This week our dog, Buca, is now walking to the mailbox with us (about 1500 feet) when, until Active Edge, he wouldn't even walk to the end of the driveway...about 50 feet. Your product is going to help so many senior pets!"  ~ Dena M.

“I have an 11yr old maltese that suffers from arthritis and back problems. After getting him an Active Edge collar I have seen a significant change in his movement. Since wearing this collar he is running, jumping and much perkier than he used to be. I had taken him to the groomers and afterwards noticed he wasn't walking very fast or jumping on me anymore. I had forgotten to put his Active Edge collar back on him after he'd been groomed! Needless to say it went right back on and two days later he was perky, jumping around and running again. It truly made a believer out of me.”  ~ Lenda T.

Want to make your dog famous? Shoot us a picture of your pooch showing off their new Survival Straps Dog Collar and we may post the picture for all to see! (stories@survivalstraps.com)  

How to Choose the Correct Size

To measure your pet's neck for our awesome Survival Straps Collars, use a fabric tape to measure around their neck, approximately 2-3” behind the base of their ear. If you do not have a fabric tape measure, you may try to use a piece of string, but please keep in mind this may cause variances in your measurement and ultimately in the collar. Please measure tightly and we will properly add enough slack for the collar to fit comfortably according to the neck size. If your dog is extra fluffy in this area, tighten the tape slightly to compensate for the extra skin or hair in that area. Please do not measure your pets existing collar, as that will not give us an accurate neck measurement. If your measurement is in-between sizes, round down to the nearest inch.



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