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Wholesale Paracord


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Wholesale Paracord

Quick Details

•    550 military spec 7 strand paracord with tracer.
•    Made in the USA by the official military contractor.
•    The tracer in the cord is their stamp.
•    7 strand inner core with outer nylon sheath.
•    Super strong: Breaking strength in excess of 550 pounds.
•    Made to last a lifetime: Quick drying, will not mildew or rot.
•    The perfect emergency cord to always have around.
•    Choose lengths of either 25, 50, 100, 300* or 1200 feet (a full roll).

      Full Explanation

      Our military-spec 550, 7 strand paracord is the best cordage on the market. It is made in America by the official military contractor. This is the same cord that is rigged in all the special forces parachutes. It is super tough, very strong (breaking strength at a minimum of 550 pounds) and will not mildew or rot. It is the perfect cord to keep around for emergencies, fixing stuff, and for crafts. It is a great idea to keep paracord in the trunk of your vehicle, backpack, workshop, or wherever you may need some high quality rope. 

      This is the authentic paracord, not the weaker, foreign made fake stuff you see in most stores. We are overstocked in many colors and are now offering our authentic military spec paracord to our customers at wholesale type prices. 

      It is great to always have paracord on you in the form of our Survival Bracelets™, but it definitely can be very useful to have 100' or more in your garage, workshop, backpack or car available when you just need some super strong rope! There are literally thousands of uses for paracord and many reasons to always have some paracord on hand. Here are a few of them:

      1. Tying luggage down to your car. 

      2. Replacing a broken shoe or boot lace.

      3. Making a clothesline.

      4. Making a tourniquet to help save a life.

      5. Rigging up a tent.

      And so much more!

      Here is an article Outdoor Life wrote about some of the uses of our paracord in the outdoors:

      * If 300’ is chosen, the paracord will be cut into 3 equal lengths of 100' for packaging purposes.

      **Overnight shipping unavailable for full rolls.


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