What Should Every Prepared Hunter Carry for Outdoor Emergencies? – Step-by-Step Guide

Hunting has always been an interesting experience. It gives you a chance to catch games and use them for whatever you want; it is a survival activity. While you are preparing to go hunting with the right set of tools, you should also remember that you need some other things in case of emergencies.

If you want to know what should every prepared hunter carry for outdoor emergencies, this article is a solution-provider for you. It provides relevant information on why you need a kit, and the important things needed to aid survival when faced with a difficult scenario or an accident.

What are the Types of Outdoor Hunting Emergencies?

Before you offer a solution, you must first discover and analyze the problem. For outdoor hunting, accidents are somewhat inevitable; however, you should know the things that do cause one.

Attacks from Animals

Hunting involves putting yourself in harm’s way. Sometimes, you cannot tell the outcome of going out to hunt a game – you could be successful or fail at it. Now, as you are planning to attack an animal and take it home with you, there could be something out there after you too.

These animals don’t necessarily need to be huge before they attack you. For instance, you could have Bee attacks, plant-insect attacks, and so on. Likewise, you could also be attacked by the same animal you are trying to hunt down. All of these things put you in an emergency, and you are left with whatever is on you to get through it.

Shrapnel Incidents

As much as you are trying to use weapons on animals, there is no guarantee that you are safe either. There have been cases of shrapnel incidents that involve a hunter getting injured by accident. The consequences could be either be mild or severe, depending on how deep it cut through the skin.

In the same vein, other objects or even trees could be responsible for shrapnel incidents. All you have to do is be careful and make sure not to put yourself in a life-threatening situation. A couple of things on you should keep you stabilized until you get help.


For hunters whose games are not usually wildlife, rather fishing, emergencies are also unavoidable. In a bid to catch fish in a river or stream or a capsized boat, you could run the risk of drowning, especially with changes in water depth and temperature. Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to help themselves out, which has led to an untimely death; although with a couple of drowning emergency tools should help.


On several occasions, it is advised that hunting is done somewhere familiar and unrestricted. The reason why it is important is to make sure you don’t harm your safety. If you are planning to hunt in a new place, do a thorough research of the locals and other hunters who make use of the place.

Confrontation from other hunters is quite rampant these days, and things they do to trespassers are unspeakable. Finding yourself in this situation is a lot scary, which is why you need to prepare well.

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What Should You Carry for Hunting Emergencies?

In hunting preparation, you need a couple of things that would likely get you out of tough situations. These things are different from the regular pieces of hunting equipment you find every day – take them as extra gear.

First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies are quite common, especially with shrapnel accidents and animal attacks. You will need something to stop the bleeding; unfortunately, there could be no medical center around to get you treated as soon as possible. With a simple first aid kit, you could get yourself stable until you find the help you need.


Traditional hunting used to require no communications at all; however, there has been a little improvement, especially for safety. A two-way radio or walkie-talkie is effective in calling the attention of other fellow hunters. So, if you are faced with a difficult situation, you have the reinforcements you need.


Apart from the gun or bow or fishing equipment, a multi-tool is another thing a prepared hunter needs to carry for an outdoor emergency. The knife doesn’t need to be conspicuous; it should be small but useful to cut yourself free or threaten attackers. A perfect way to hold a multi-tool is through a paracord bracelet.

GPS Navigation

Finding your location is also another important thing you should consider as a hunting emergency. Fortunately, there is GPS Navigation to help you find your way back to base. The importance of this tool cannot be overemphasized.

Other emergency kits you would need include water purifying bottles, light source, whistle, fire starters, etc.

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What are Other Tips to Prevent Emergencies in Hunting?

Even as you know the various outdoor hunting emergencies and the tools or kits you need to conquer them; shouldn’t you know the ways to stay out of trouble?

Wear the Proper Attire

As a hunter, you have to look like one – your dressing says it all. If you are in a friendly jurisdiction, other hunters in the area would be able to recognize that you are one of them. Sometimes, they could provide the help you need and get you to safety, by only looking at what you wear.

Handle Firearms Properly

Most of the problems people face, especially during hunting are as a result of the mishandling of weapons. At the slightest of things, try to be careful and not shoot until you have assessed the situation. It is easier to say that being a responsible firearm user has a lot of advantage.

Additionally, make sure you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol before going hunting.


By now, what should every prepared hunter carry for outdoor emergencies shouldn’t be any of your worries anymore because it is taken care of. As this article provides an insight into a fantastic hunting experience, ensure you get the best of it and prepare as much as you can.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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